Ask @Seamuskean9:

Kara Rhines ?

Kara we havnt talked in forever! I hope your having fun at the middle school. You live by me but we never hang out. We should start talking again. Your really cool and pretty. I guess i could say we are friends but we have been better friends in the past. I dont know if you still talk to hannah stern but i saw her the other day and i know you guys used to be good friends!

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Kaileen ?

Kaileen. We met akwardly in 7th grade. Yeah sorry about that hahaha. I remember how i felt, you were gone for a week getting surgery and i didnt even like know you yet but i was really upset. When you came back things were strange between us but then we became bestfriends. We would right notes to each other and they would be so funny. I still have 2 or 3 of my favorites. I read them every once in a while hahaha. We didnt see each ither very much in 8th grade so that caused us to not talk much. Hopefully we have classes together in highschool! I miss you soo much! Love you beautiful!!!

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Brendan Cummings?

Brendennnn my man, how have you been we havent talked in forever! We have known each other for a long time! Our moms talk a lot and do a lot together! I hope you have fun in the middle school while im at the HS with texas! Hahaha i hear you are now called peanut by miss molly! The sleepovers that we used to have were fun. Good luck and i hope occersay is going well (even though i think the seasons over hahaha). Miss you man! No homo

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Annie Bloomfield?

Annie. I met you when i was 8th grade and you were in 7th. The first time i saw you i thought you were really pretty! We instantly were friends and have been ever since. I had a great time at the dance (you know which one im talking about). We could have been even closer but things got alittle messed up and didnt work out but whatever. I remember when we facetimed everyday, that was so much fun! Lately we have not been talking as much as we used to which makes me sad but oh well. I think i ruined things again by liking your friend so yeah i just screwed up a lot...i think your an amazing person, your funny, crazy, sweet, and pretty...lets be friends forever!

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