Ask @Seamuskean9:

karlee t.

Karlee i think meeting you in seventh was one of the best things that ever happened to me. You honestly made my seventh grade year and eighth grade year amazing. We always hung out at lunch and advisory in seveth grade and hung out in WEB intervention in eighth grade. We had sooo much fun. I still have a lot of your notes you wrote to me. When i read them i laugh to where i almost pee my pants. Im sorry for making fun of goldy lock(kevin) when you to dated i guess i was jelous...even though we are "married". I cant believe your leaving me to go to a different high school. Your are absolutely gorgeous and really really smart. We need to keep in touch! Love you!

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Lindsay h

Lindsay we recently just met. We are still getting to know each other and its going well. I hope im not being to annoying. I always saw you around and wondered who you were. Everyone must be jelous of you cause they are always hating. Your super cool and i think you are really pretty. I forgot to mention how much of a monster you are at volleyball. Good luck in middle school. Hopefully we will be friends for a long time!!

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