Ask @Seanunism:

What is your type of person you prefer to be your future spouse 🚶

Ok...I'm going to try and do my best without writing too much.
I don't have preference on race, hair color, eye color or most physical features.
Personality wise, I would like my future spouse to be caring, funny, and intelligent. Values we should share should be exercise and music. (It doesn't mean they have to be a climber or a musician). I would like my future spouse to be tolerant, (as do stupid things sometimes) and also want to have kids in the future (idk how many). That's a basic rundown of my ideal future spouse.

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i really wanna know more about your personality/ What are your secrets?

Very upfront...
First off, no secrets. I only tell secrets to people I know in real life and trust. As for my personality, I've never been good at describing it but I'll still try. Charismatic, funny, emotionally closed off (in a good way), nice, very straightforward, casual/informal, and not easily intimated.

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