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I cannot disagree to your point of view but I've just said do what u love i mean if you love medical but u become a lawyer or something else, then sometimes you will regret i would have been a good doctor

Muhammad Usman Butt (MUB 7)
U r right u r talking about the the decision tht can prevent u from regretting n m stating a solution after a regretful decision
Nice thinking😊

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+3 answers in: “Do what you love Otherwise you have like the shit u don't even deserve #career #success”

But if someone is trying to be the part of your life & created situations and problems are against them at every step then what should we do ??

U should keep on trying
U have to face the situation running away wont solve the problems n if both of u r seriously making an effort no force can keep u apart
M speaking from experience ....

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+1 answer in: “Life me aesa kyun hota hai jise hum shiddat se pyar krte Hain wo humain chor k Chala jata kyun ishq ko kabhi uski manzil nhi milti kyun ishq hamesha adhoora reh just hai .......?????”