Ask @Selfharm_destroyed_me:

What should a real man be able to do?

Well by “real” i’m not sure what you mean. I think a man that’s “grown” should be able to respect, not control and not be clingy meaning being over the back every second or every signal hour because sometimes we need space for self care and being able to relax and take a break, but the same goes for women as well, a man should be complimenting his lady, holding her hand, having civil conversations. be able to hold down the ship, stable and what not. A grown man is not self centered always not disrespectful to their significant others has a meaningful apology when they hurt the other. A real man tries and doesn’t give up and move on so quick to another girl. he asks the other for permission of explicit images. Both the man and woman should be able to trust each other. Respect not only his, but her family as well even if her own family doesn’t treat her well.

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