Why is the Salvation Army so traditional? I love the people, the community, the body… but the uniforms are intimidating. I think that maybe it's time to move ahead into transition, contemporary worship, more charismatic and Holy Spirit leading rather than what feels like military service. to be cont

Love the honesty of your question! We asked a couple others to speak into the answer for this one…
Keith Pike; Territorial Youth Secretary says…
Why is the Salvation Army so traditional?
“Traditions are a way for people to stay connected to their past. Families, communities and The Salvation Army all have traditions. Traditions help us to honour and celebrate what has been. The challenge for us is to not allow the honouring of our past to dictate, or detract from our future. Our traditions are a helpful way for us to never forget that we have been raised by God as a voice for those who cant seem to be heard in our world today. This is a tradition we wouldn't want to loose. We also have a tradition of creating community for those who can't seem to find a home. Our churches have been places that have  been welcoming for  people who wouldn't have been accepted anywhere else.
As for uniforms, they are nothing more than a type of clothing worn by members of an organization while participating in that organization's activity. If I work at Starbucks or played on a hockey team, my uniform would identify me with the people I work for or signify that I belong on a team. Our uniform helps to identify to the world that we belong to Jesus Christ and that we are here to be a witness to His life in the world. If someone is in need they immediately know that my uniform signifies that I am there to help them. My uniform also serves to remind me that I belong to a fellowship of believers in my community, country and throughout the world. Just last week I was reminded of this when I saw news coverage from the Philippines and on the news broadcast there was a man in a Salvation Army uniform helping to bring aid to his devastated country. The uniform is not intended to separate us from the world, but to remind the world that there are people living in this world that still see themselves as their brothers keeper. I believe we have a responsibility to be a visible presence of God's love and mercy in our world and the uniform helps us to do that. You mention that the uniform is intimidating, I know for some they may find any uniform intimidating but for the vast majority of people in need a uniform signifies rescue, relief, help, or hope from whatever situation they find themselves. For the lost of our world I'm willing to make a few feel uncomfortable by my uniform if it helps the lost find their way.
Thanks again for your question...I hope we have a chance to continue the conversation.”

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