Another Response - Why is the Salvation Army so traditional? I love the people, the community, the body… but the uniforms are intimidating.

In addition to Keith's answer, here's Allison's...
Allison Downey; Divisional Children’s Ministries Secretary in Ontario Central East says…
“You should know, first and foremost, that you are not alone in your way of thinking.  There are many people in The Salvation Army, of all generations, that are wrestling with these same questions every day, myself included.  While I think it is important for us to remember and honour our tradition by understanding and valuing the wearing of the uniform, I also think there are many Salvation Army churches that are being true to The Salvation Army's mission and identity without wearing the uniform.  I embrace and celebrate both expressions and the diversity that we are experiencing today.   I agree with you that we need to be actively seeking God's direction in this period of transition and my prayer is that people like you, apostles who cannot rest with the status quo, will help guide us into a new day.“
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