Why is Vampire Hunter D is getting a new dub? What happened to the original Streamline dub?

This is a question that's been popping up since we announced our upcoming release of Vampire Hunter D. I don't know all the details exactly, so I went to our licensing department to get a clearer picture as to why this is. This is what they had to say:
"For Sentai Filmworks' release of the remastered edition of Vampire Hunter D, the stakeholders in this project, both here and afar, preferred to have something that fans old and new could be excited about. That means a new dub with refreshed English voices to breathe new life (HA!) into Vampire Hunter D’s iconic main character and its rich cast of supporting players. We certainly respect the work of all the talent involved in the original Streamline dub. It will always have a special place. However, there are challenges associated with that version that would have been a distraction. We are now looking forward and intend to bring something new and exciting to the conversation to coincide with and compliment the remastered edition of the film."

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