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Hello Sentai! For all things holy, I humbly ask that you please consider dubbing "My Girlfriend is Shobitch" when you do the home video!

Ooooo. Thanks for the request. It has been noticed.
Hello Sentai For all things holy I humbly ask that you please consider dubbing

Last time I asked sentai, I asked if there would be a possible license and dub for girls and panzer movie, Tamako Love story, and Beyond the Boundary Movies. They all got a dub release and I got another, Love Chunibyo Rikka version. Thank you! Hoping for Next Chunibyo Movie and Chihayafuru Season 2!

Riyuske’s Profile PhotoCody Cortez
Yay! We're happy you're happy.~

Can you please dub Made in Abyss and Princess Principal? Those are two of the best shows of last season, and I think they deserve a quality dub from Sentai!

Levi Remington
Request has been noticed! Thank you.~

Since you guys licensed and dubbed an older lost gem with chihayafuru, I'd love to see you do the same with another forgotten gem, Nodame Cantabile! Just a suggestion!

Oooo thank you for the suggestion!

Please tell me you guys are going to get the soundtrack for Girls' Last Tour, the music in that show is beautiful! I know it's still airing, but Box Set when you release it please!

DerailedWingnut’s Profile PhotoBradey Schumacher
Request has been noted!

Putting in a dub request To-Love Ru, Armed Girls Machiavellianism, Seikon no Qwaser and Oregairu Snafu. If I had to pick one it would be Oregairu Snafu.

These requests have been noticed!~

Just want to say I love what you guys did with Ushio and Tora the dub is fantastic but I just wanted to know why did you guys give Hakumen a Male voices ? shes supposed to be a female ?

Spoke to the director about this. Since Hakumen is the embodiment of hatred and fear in general, the character technically don't have a gender.

Can we get the option on the eventual Princess Principal Blu-Ray Release to watch the show in both Presentation order or case order?

Doug Buirley
Not sure if this is possible since it's outside the order in which the episodes were released, but thank you for the suggestion. It will be brought up.

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