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So I know you guys say to ask you directly to get the hype out, so I would like to say: I think School-Live definitely deserves to get dubbed. Fantastic show thats definitely worth it

A School-Live dub? Sound off and share if you guys want this! Let's see how well this request travels.

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What are among Sentai's worst-selling titles?

The titles we have not yet announced. They have sold exactly zero copies. :(

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Is Sentai ever going to give their shows a Toonami airing?

A lot of different factors come into play for something like this to happen. Certainly it's not as easy as "giving' one of our shows a Toonami airing, there are tons of things involved in that process.

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Just recently saw the announcement of Akame Ga Kill! premiering on Toonami. I'm excited. Can we expect any other series to make its way on the block?

Here's a question for YOU, and anyone else reading this. What all would you WANT from us to be on Toonami? Let us know on Twitter:

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You guys should totally dub Monster Musume.

Enemy Otaco
Thanks for the input!

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Are there still people out there who think that anime is created in the States? If yes, may we cut them?

No, you may not cut them! Although it is a common misconception that the folks at Sentai Filmworks are responsible for making anime, we don't have any problem explaining that we're merely the folks who license it, package it, and deliver it to loving fans here in the US. Be nice!

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Will there be a for collector's limited edition for Parasyte? And is Love Lab really the answer for life?

Parasyte would really be one of those shows that would necessitate a box set, wouldn't it? :)
Also, yes. Always.

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Flip Flappers needs a dub! So does Chihiyafuru and Haikyuu, if you don't mind : )

Matthew McCall
Suggestion noted. Thank you!

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Do you have any idea how Monica Rial has the time to do all the work she does? She is consistently doing a lot of work for both you and Funimation. It's genuinely impressive.

Matthew McCall
Personally convinced that she is a magical being.

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I would really love a Haikyu!! English dub! How would I go about showing you guys the momentum?

Aquilla Perill
The best place to start would be Twitter and Tumblr. Also, letting your friends/social circles know to stream Haikyu!! on legal anime streaming sites. If people stream from illegal anime streaming sites, we can't quantify those numbers to gauge overall interest.

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Will there be dubs for any licenses of last year?

Of course! Soon we will be announcing ███████ as well as ████ ██ █████ and finally ███ █ ███████ █ ████ ███ ██! Hope you enjoy! ;)

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I'd also like to show my support for a dub for Flip Flappers and maybe a fancy box set. :D


if you guys dubbed haikyuu I'm sure that it would be fantastic so yeah pretty please Sentai

Beth Morris
You guys know this works. Be vocal, be visible, and share if you want a certain title to get a dub. With Haikyu! in particular, it would require going back to dub the first season. So if you WANT this, you need to gather the momentum and let us see it.

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Will you guys ever go back and dub Haikyu!! ? :)

We were discussing this on Twitter a while back. If you want a Haikyu! dub, join the conversation and let us know. If there is sufficient interest, we can possibly look into it.

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After the success of Akame Ga Kill and Parasyte on Toonami, would you be interested in bringing over other action anime to them in the possible future? Just curious

Sakyo Kuroyami
We'd love to bring another action anime to Toonami! Let us know which ones you'd prefer. Better yet, tell TOONAMI your favorites, because the voice of the fans are powerful!

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Will Log Horizon season 2 be dubbed or will you stick with the subbed version?

It's a pretty safe bet to say that Log Horizon Season 2 will be dubbed, but we will keep you guys informed when more news about it becomes available.

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I think the world deserves dubs of Tanaka-kun is Always Listless, Flying Witch, and Flip Flappers... Especially Flip Flappers. :D

Aaron Blake

a saw the dub announcements and was wondering are you guys mind readers all the shows from 2015 i was hoping got dubs are being dubbed

Shane A Clark
Bwuahaha... maybeeee.

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Will Golden Times ever get a dub?

It's always possible when there is sufficient demand. If enough fans demand it, anything is possible!

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Do you know when parasyte will air on toonami

Right now all we can say is that it is coming up in the fall of 2015. If your sleuthing ability is at rank S, though, you can probably figure it out yourself. ;)
In the meantime, make sure to catch Akame ga Kill, which is currently on Toonami, Saturdays at 12:30 ET (Hey, I wouldn't be much of a social media dude if I didn't plug this here!) The next episode is scheduled for September 12. This next one's a good one...Esdeath is Coming. :O

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So what's the deal with your Legend of the Galactic Heroes announcement? Streaming? Physical? Bilingual? Sub-only? I need some foppery and whim soon.

Michael Fitz-Gibbon
Bless you, you golden lion, for using the phrase "foppery and whim." ;)
Details such as these are a little tricky to tack down right now, actually. If you were not aware (although I'm sure you are if you're into LOGH) this particular series comprises 110 episodes (technically they are considered OVAs). That equates to a TON of work on our side. In order to make this the best possible release (dare I say, definitive release?), we are taking care to comb over everything we get with a fine toothed comb to ensure quality. So right now the focus is on ensuring that quality. I assure you, however, that a release date and other details will come. Thanks!

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When is Akame ga Kill going to get a home video release and will it be english dubbed?

Same deal as Parasyte, Akame ga Kill! will receive additional release info as it airs or right when it finished airing on Toonami. Yes, it will be dubbed. :)

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When will you bring Cory in the House over here to the west?! Even if it is only Japanese w/ English subs if you do a collection edition people will eat it right up. Although I would love to see you guys give it a dub. ;D


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Can I join the hypothetical Flip Flappers dub hype train?

Syon Santeria
Choo choo.

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What's an anime you wish you had licensed?

Matthew McCall
Cory in the House

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