Ask @SentaiFilmworks:

Are there still people out there who think that anime is created in the States? If yes, may we cut them?

No, you may not cut them! Although it is a common misconception that the folks at Sentai Filmworks are responsible for making anime, we don't have any problem explaining that we're merely the folks who license it, package it, and deliver it to loving fans here in the US. Be nice!

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I would really love a Haikyu!! English dub! How would I go about showing you guys the momentum?

Aquilla Perill
The best place to start would be Twitter and Tumblr. Also, letting your friends/social circles know to stream Haikyu!! on legal anime streaming sites. If people stream from illegal anime streaming sites, we can't quantify those numbers to gauge overall interest.

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if you guys dubbed haikyuu I'm sure that it would be fantastic so yeah pretty please Sentai

Beth Morris
You guys know this works. Be vocal, be visible, and share if you want a certain title to get a dub. With Haikyu! in particular, it would require going back to dub the first season. So if you WANT this, you need to gather the momentum and let us see it.

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