Ask @SergeKent:

What was the last argument you had?

Well, fortunately I don't usually arguments in real life, but in the Internet I just had one with a racist determinist that pointed race was the most important factor in human behavior and intelligence... Luckily science proves her wrong in her absolutism. Like social 'scientists' who speak in absolutes.
For sure, nowadays the thing goes more with what your parents, ancestors did and where do you live, how you were raised... Etc.

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Do You Have Strong Opinions On Natural Childbirth Verses Medicated Childbirth?

Darian Holden
As a medical student I have a well documented position, and I should go with the Natural Childbirth until a health problem arises, then is mandatory to seek a physician and to follow his instructions. But never substitute natural childbirth nor using non essential drugs in the process. Nevertheless I recommend to be in a health care centre or hospital (if It's possible in a solitary room) versus home or forest/wherever.

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