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Why isn't volume three of 'I am Alice' available for Kindle when the other two are?

A very good question, and we are currently investigating. Thanks for the heads up! --LP

Sorry to add to the pile, but is there any possibility of these titles seeing a US release through you guys? Helck, Golden Kamui, Keyman: Hand of Judgement

No current plans for these, but as the first two are published by Shogakukan and Shueisha, who co-own Viz Media, it'd actually be up to them whether the series are licensed in English or not. -- LP

Does the 7seas staff actually like yuri? Or can it be said to be some kind of neutrality, like eh, idk it's my job. Like, ofc not everyone likes every genre/series, and some just have a weak spot for it

We're a company made up of a number of different people, but the majority of us enjoy yuri very much. We are absolutely a company of fans! It's no coincidence we're the largest publisher of yuri in North America, and we'll continue to share our love of it by bringing lots of great titles to our readers' bookshelves! -- LP

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What ever happened to the HayateX(Cross)Blade series? Was it dropped? It's still ongoing in japan and I really missed that series. I was just wondering since I no longer can buy it directly from Barnes&Noble anymore. This question has been on my mind for a while. Thank you!

Hayate x Blade was moved to a different publisher in Japan, Shueisha, who co-owns Viz Media. Unfortunately that meant we couldn't license the series anymore. It would be up to them whether or not the series is continued to be published in North America now. --LP

Can you guys release New Game!, Kill Me Baby!, Yuyushiki Osomatsu-san or Sweetness and Lightning?

No current plans for any of these titles, although Sweetness and Lightning is already being released both digitally and in print by Crunchyroll and Kodansha Comics. --LP
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what happened to world war blue?

World War Blue is one of the very rare cases where a series sold too poorly for us to be able to license more volumes. If sales on prior volumes ever picks up, or there's renewed interest in the series (such as a new anime or game), we'd love to return to the title. --LP

Is there any chance that you'll license any of these mangas? Ao haru ride, Namaikizakari, Hirunaka no Ryuusei and Coffee and Vanila. Is there something/anything we(the community)can do to have these published?

The majority of those series are published by Shogakukan and Shueisha, who own Viz Media, so predominantly it would be up to them whether or not these series are licensed for release in North America. --LP

Monster Girl Encyclopedia comes out this (or next) month? is there any news on it soon? It's been so quiet for over year.

It's not typical for us to publish ongoing news about a book's production, so there's nothing to worry about in regards to Monster Girl Encyclopedia and it being 'quiet'. That said, the book is coming out on October 25th and will be well worth the wait! -- LP

I just found out that you've licenced Disappearance of Hatsune Miku, does this mean that licencing a light novels series (as long as they're not too long) have a sticky note on them rather than a straight "can't" like before?

We've never been 100% against light novels, but they require considerably more time and cost to publish, and manga continues to remain the more popular and requested medium. As with any series, we're open to just about anything we have access to, but it needs to be the right fit! --LP

Are you guys equipped with the ability to translate and sell Ubel Blatt? Its a great series! (But I hate reading digital copies and need the books!)

Nic Royal
Ubel Blatt is already being released in print by Yen Press. -- LP

I went to a Japanese bookstore the other day and saw that the orginal manga books are smaller than the ones in the U.S. I was curious on why that is. Is it to show better value? Or is it because if it's too small nobody will buy

kiminobokuwa’s Profile PhotoKiminobokuwa
Every publisher has their own reasons for picking particular trim sizes, although a lot of it can be attributed to a standard started by Tokyopop and Viz Media during North American's earlier manga boom. At Seven Seas, we typically release our books in the standard Japanese trim size, or in some cases, oversize if the original book was published that way or for special editions. --LP

Why has NTR Trap's trim size been changed? :/

The trim size of NTR Netsuzou Trap hasn't been changed so much as it's been changed back. Although initially our intent was to release it at the same size as Citrus, upon working on the title we deemed it would better serve the series to release NTR at its original size. This way English readers can experience it in the same format as its Japanese release. It'll be our standard manga trim size, and every inch of it a great read this September! --LP

Have you guys considered picking up the manga Aoi Uroko to Suna no Machi?

That series is published by Shueisha, so only Viz Media would have licensing access. --LP

Do you think you folks will be expanding out to other digital platforms? And in the near future?

Currently we're focusing on growing the number of titles we have available on the most requested eBook platforms--Kindle, NOOK, BookWalker, and comiXology. A number of our titles are also available via the ComicsPlus app. That said, we're certainly open to expanding to other digital platforms in the future if the demand is there. -- LP

Which series of yours got a NO from Comixology/Kindle? Kanokon, Dragonar Academy, anything else? 12Beast?

Only Kanokon and Dragonar Academy. It's very unfortunate, as we know how much our readers have been asking for them to be provided digitally. 12 Beast should be available on both services in the very near future, however! -- LP

Was "No Game No Life" manga discontinued in Japan? Novel,anime, and lastly the manga released by you was really popular, wasn't it? It feels a bit sad, especially since the first volume is already out in English. What did happen...

We released the first volume of the manga for No Game, No Life. Unfortunately, yes, the manga series was cancelled in Japan after only a single volume. If the creators ever choose to continue it, we'll certainly be looking into publishing any new volumes! --LP

When can I purchase volumes 5-8 of Monster Musume on kindle I own the first 4 volumes and I see volume 9 is coming very soon.

When Amazon Kindle chooses to offer Monster Musume volumes 5-8 for sale is out of our control, sadly, but they have been provided all the volumes, so we should be seeing them available in the near future! --LP

The gomanga links to the omnibus versions of Kanokon don't work (404'd), Amazon has the first four volumes digitally, and BookWalker has the whole series. For an older series like this, why isn't it completely available from Comixology / Amazon anymore?

Unfortunately Comixology and Kindle have deemed the content of Kanokon inappropriate for their platforms, and are not allowing us to sell them digitally. However you can still purchase the entire series on BookWalker Global and Barnes & Noble's NOOK! -- LP

Hi I just heard that zeros familiar volume 21 came out in Japan I just wanted to know if you guys were going to continue selling the novels or just not bother with it? I'm a big fan of the series so I would love to know. Thx

We have no current plans to publish the light novel series for Zero's Familiar, but both manga series are still available to purchase: http://www.gomanga.com/books/zeros-familiar/148 --LP

Is there any chance you'll license Hanjuku Joshi or another manga by Morishima Akiko?

There's always a chance. If readers continue to support all the wonderful yuri titles we're currently publishing, it allows us to consider even more in the future! --LP
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Is there any way i can get a digital version of love in hell death life? Like I'll pay but I can't get it sent to my house

Not currently, but we are continuously working to expand our digital library. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for news about any and all new digitally-available titles! -- LP

Are there any plans to release the rest of Dragonar Academy on the kindle store, now that Monster Musume has made it through?

Unfortunately at this time Kindle and Comixology are not allowing us to publish any Dragonar Academy on their platforms. If this changes, we'll be sure to let our readers know! You can still purchase the entire series on BookWalker Global however, and Barnes & Noble's NOOK! -- LP

What happened to Alice in Twin World: Love, Storms, and Flower Clocks? Has it been published yet?

Sadly, the publisher that owns the Alice in the Country of... series shut down last year, so no volumes of the manga are currently being published. We elaborate in our FAQ section: http://sevenseasentertainment.tumblr.com/FAQ --LP


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