Hey good folks at 7seas. Got a question/telling yall something good. Do you guys se a surge in sales after a final volume has been released? Because i personally binge buy after all is said and done, maybe there are many likewise people. I personally will be buying all 5 omnibus of LatBH. Much<3

briar foley
Not normally, no.
Due to reader attrition, sales drop off after each volume is released--this is a natural thing for almost any series. Unfortunately, due to smaller sales with each passing volume, vendors/retailers order less. When they order less, we print less. It's a classic case of supply-and-demand.
While I do appreciate your acknowledgement and intention to purchase all the omnibus editions all at one time, this kind of purchasing isn't exactly healthy (from a publisher standpoint). Even if people did do this purchasing process in large enough quantities, it wouldn't change the fact that this is after the series is already said in done. That is to say, we've released however many volumes at a declining print-run with each subsequent volume, and retailers are ordering less and less. That's lost sales, and depending on how poor sales are, some retailers may end up entirely passing up on orders for the next volume/re-orders on past volumes.
Keeping it short and sweet, that's a business model that could really hurt publishers. I would really encourage fans, if at all possible, to buy books as they come out (or even pre-order, whenever possible). This is the most effective way to drive demand and help fortify the longevity of that series and give it a healthy boost.
That said, we thankfully don't get too many series that are in such dire straights, and sales are generally good. In the unfortunate case of Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer, it has not performed well, and it continues on that trend. While I would love to see a massive increase in sales towards the tail end of the releases, it probably won't happen (since it hasn't happened yet). Not trying to discredit your personal buying habits, as every sale still helps and we greatly appreciate your support of Seven Seas, and your support for Biscuit Hammer. Hopefully this response will serve well to those that read it, however. --CC

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