Ask @ShaDyShOda260:

what do you think of US ... and do u recommend a girl to live there on her own ?

i have just arrived here since 2 weeks, and i think this is not enough time to judge but through this short time and training in hospital, i have found that states is really a great systematic country in everything except the moral issue, here there is no limitation to anything literally,...regarding to girl to live in usa, actually ia saw alot og muslim girls living here keeping there even with HIJAB, so yes i think she can, but she will do more effort to keep her away from bad things here and to avoid deviating from right way as a muslim...but she can if she wanted, it depends on how strong is her will.

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من غير هزار لو رجع بيك الزمان كنت هتختار نفس الكلية ؟

bgd..yes..3ala elra8m mn el2araf elly shayfenoo feha ..ella enny bgd kont ha5tarha bardoo..la2enny fe3aln ana 7abb mehnet elteb...kefaya en rabena yekoon ga3lak waseela te5afef beha awga3 elnas..we bey5alek tet3amel ma3ahom fe ad3af la7azat hayathoom we heya elmarad..we kol mareed bey5ef 3ala edek..enta rabena beyo2gorak 3aleh...feh ba2a a3zem mn de mehna :) mahma kan 2arafha ha5tarha :)

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