If you could add characters from other lawls as rivals from the ones in your roster, which would be the rivalries? (Example: Frisk vs Sans & Papyrus)

Reason why there was a drought in answers was to pick the perfect rivals for this;
-Strong Bad vs Heavy Weapons Guy (ARL): Both were poker buddies in Poker Night at the Inventory, with Strong Bad being called "Tiny Heavy". Perhaps the two battle as the Heavy wishes to spar with the tiny wrestleman.
-John Egbert vs Nicolas Cage (Lawl): John's favorite actor, specifically in Con Air with his fake southern accent. Lawl Cage embraces his craziness with shouting and bear suits- something that'd throw John off guard. Jade Harley (Nova) is also an obvious pick.
-Edd vs Toon Reitanna (LLC): Both are exaggerated animated personas of YouTube artists.
-Markiplier vs Game Grumps (X): The two channels are already friendly with each other yes, but a battle to decide who is superior can be had.
-Mama Umbridge vs Leonidas (Lawl): While he's not a rowdy kid, he's one of the manliest Lawl characters, and the Spartans were very brutal and orderly. Umbridge would definitely take the challenge of showing the power of a WOMAN.
-Stephen Quire vs Angry German Kid (X): Two classic viral anger-induced videos clashing- quite the popular rivalry as well.
-Watts & Rosalene vs Madotsuki (Lawl): Watts and Rosalene specialize in traversing through the memories of people. Madotsuki's past is a mystery, but it is theorized to have been traumatic when judging her bizarre dreams. Mado would definitely be hyper defensive against those with the power to traverse through memories.
-Homestar vs Toon Sonic (ARL) Two of the fastest characters, a friendly rivalry where the two would try to race around each other.
-Karkat Vantas vs Peridot (LOTD/X): Both are angry screaming aliens who are fan favorites- at one point both of them have made a shipping chart of some kind. Plus, these personalities clashing would be amusing. Against Terezi (LLC) also works.
-Tom vs asdfguy (Nova): The voice of Tomska vs his creation. Plus two random dudes.
-Matt vs Toon Guybrush (Nova) Skap mentioned it in his ask, Matt and Guybrush both sound somewhat similar, two bumbling gingers with bad ideas.
-Frisk vs Flowey (Liquid Crystal): Frisk already thwarted Flowey's devious plans in different universes and resets, this time there's one more battle they must have.
-Dan Backslide vs Robbie Rotten (X): A hammy villain meets a hammy villain. Robbie is lazy while Dan is proactive (screaming in public that he'll steal a car), the two can definitely clash between villainous ideals.
-Viola vs Aya Drevis (Lawl): Viola only lives with her father while Aya's father was... well, Mad. Both had to traverse a familiar mansion while avoiding death at every turn. And both aren't entirely innocent...
-Psycho Dad vs Hank Hill (Lawl): Both are stern dads who like yard work... but Psycho Dad is a reflection to Hank on what would happen if his anger consumed him.

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