Remember Toon Dr Mario's Final Smash in YTPGuy's Lawl? What would be the characters in your roster's reactions to getting diagnosed with HPV?

“Does it hurt to pee?”
“Is it hard to see?”
“I am diagnosing you with HPV!”
Strong Bad: “Aw crap!”
John Egbert: “Bluh!”
Edd: “Oh bumbaskets...”
Markiplier: “Oh holy balls!”
Umbridge: “That’s bullshit!”
Stephen: “Ooooh my god!” *overdramatic screech*
Watts: “Well that’s not good...”
Rosalene: “Aw cucumbers.”
Homestar: “The good times are owver!”
Karkat: “WAIT I GOT WHAT?”
Tom: “Well isn’t that just a punch in the pants...”
Matt: *girlish scream*
Frisk: “...”
Dan Backslide: “OH HOW I HATE THAT!”
Viola: “...oh.”
Psycho Dad: “What ails you why would you say that?!?”

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