Who is your favourite video game character ever?

Billy Slaven
I answered a similar question to this a while ago, but I feel it’s fair to elaborate on my picks:
-N (Pokémon): probably one of the most complex Pokémon characters, his ideologies and struggles due to being manipulated by Ghetsis, and his entire character arc is partly why I love Gen V. Nintendo plz bring my boy home.
-Fawful (Mario and Luigi); Hands Down one of the most enjoyable antagonists in the Mario games- his bizarre speech and actual ability to get things done make him a fav
-Hector (Fire Emblem): In a series where many of the main protagonist need to stand out, Hector stands out for his amazing performance as a unit, his interactions with broship with Eliwood, and enjoryable different personality from the legion of Marths. (Honestly I could simply talk about my favorite FE characters for a while)
-Dr. Richtofen (Nazi Zombies); Don’t play Zambies anymore, but Richtofen will always be another enjoyable hammy villain for me.
-Undyne (Undertale); There’s nothing quite like getting heroically punched in the face, and Undyne gives it to ya in spades- her section of the game was my favorite by far thanks to her.

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