Ask @ShadBad88:

If your characters had evil alts (Example, in lawl of the dead Keygen has Blue Screen of Death as alt), who would they be?

Alright so here's some ideas I guess, mixed in with actual palettes some characters have:
-John: Probably a Grimdark or Crockertier inspired alt
-Markiplier: Darkiplier
-Umbridge: Either Movie Umbridge or Umbridge's Mama
-Watts & Rosalene: Zombie Alts based off the Zombievas
-Karkat: Same as John probably
-Tom: I guess Christmas Tom from Zanta Claws 3?
-Matt: Zombeh Matt from Zombeh Attack 3
-Frisk: Chara
-Viola: Ellen

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What country do you think The Witch's House is set in? I think it might be set in England, but what do you think?

It is strongly hinted that it took place sometime in the European Medieval period, when Ellen became the witch. I imagine the house stayed in the same place for 500 years, so it would still be European somewhat. Based on architecture and Viola's clothing my guess is Germany

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Since you've made it clear that Ellen will unfortunately not be in Lawl Beatdown, would it be alright if I suggested her for another Lawl? (I know why you're not adding her BTW. I've seen that ending. Don't worry though, mate. I'm not gonna spoil anything)

Yeah, sorry to have to disappoint. That's totally fine by me, I don't really mind at all.
And yee, peeps who played the game can understand, and it'll be a bit more clear with her actual set.

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From the franchises already represented in your Lawl, which other characters would be interesting to see as movesets? At least one per franchise or a similar character if there isn't.

Aitor Molina
Okay, this is gonna be a hefty list. Like Skap's answer, I wouldn't treat most of these as actual future characters, but in some cases... keep your eyes peeled.
-Homestar Runner: In terms of interesting, Coach Z and his creepy/weird sports tendencies would make a funny/amusing moveset.
-Homestuck: Like Skap said, Rose and Dave have as much potential as John and Jade, so they should definitely get GOOD movesets.
-Eddsworld: Obviously Tord. But since I'm gonna be doing him, the only Eddsworld character that comes to mind that MIGHT work would be Zanta Claws- basing him off the Christmas Specials.
-Markiplier: Obviously another Lets Player he associates with. While Bob and/or Wade could work, JackSepticEye has the more potential out of the two.
-A Very Potter Musical: AVP Voldemort, for also being played by the same actor as Umbridge (Joe Walker) has magic and his Death Eaters. Harry Freakin Potter also has magic, and his ego and guitar.
-GFOE: Really nobody else from GFOR- the closest idea I can think of is Angry Grandpa, but unlike Psycho Dad he doesn't really bring much new to the table tbh.
-To the Moon: Perhaps the unnamed protagonist of "A Bird's Story", a short game in the same universe that acts as a prequel to the upcoming TtM sequel.
-Undertale: Really any other Undertale main character could work, but special brownie points go to Mettaton, for his two forms and his pleas to be a star.
-Dover Boys: I'd have to go to a Warner Bros source for this one... so I guess Buggs Bunny or Daffy Duck for their historical value.
-The Witch's House: For this game specifically, Ellen, although once Viola's moveset comes out it will be apparent why she can't work. So I'd have to go with Aki from Misao, a game in the same universe as Mad Father. So many deaths for moves.
-The Psycho Series: Jesse "Psycho Kid/McJuggernuggets", the main character and anti-hero of the series. Could have enough I guess to differentiate from Stephen/his father, but I wouldn't count it too much.

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