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Do you think you've changed in the last year? In what way?

Hell yeah I've changed! This was the first year that I had to support myself financially, which came with a whole new set of responsibilities and a greater appreciation for being otherwise taken care of for the first 20-some years of my life. The first year that I had a full-time job that I'm expected to show up for reliably, the first year I've lived completely alone, the first year that I spent talking at strangers on the internet while playing games, the first year that I've lived in a primarily-rural community, the first year that I didn't have to worry about grades, the first year of worrying about deadlines for real clients, the first year of paying taxes; truly, the very first year of my adult life.
Through my experiences, I've learned a little more about the world (plenty more to go!) and a lot more about myself (living alone gives plenty of time for introspection). Values and stances that I held onto back in grade school/college became more fluid, as new circumstances came to light that made me question why I held onto them so tightly in the first place. I met plenty of individuals that made me look at life in different ways, mainly for the better.
This year brought a lot of changes. I can't wait to see what the next one brings.

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Do you play any instruments?

Saxophone. I once learned how to play piano and violin when I was young, but the sax is all I remember.

Name are your top 3 movie directors and a film from each of them!

Tarantino (Inglourious Basterds), Nolan (Batman trilogy, Prestige), and Anderson (Grand Budapest Hotel)

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Do you believe in destiny? What's yours?

My destiny is to ignore the concept of destiny. We are the captains of our own ship, folks.

How are you today? What is the best kind of pasta?

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Inexplicably tired, but otherwise alright. Ravioli has the greatest potential, but otherwise mostaccioli.

Do you like to act spontaneously or plan things? Why?

I'm a planner, for sure. I think it's mostly due to my belief that if it doesn't get planned, it's probably not going to happen, or if it does, it's not going to happen as well as it should. I'm not saying I have things charted out for months and years, but I like to keep at least the next 2-3 weeks set out for myself.

How are you today? What was your dream job growing up?

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Doing just fine. When I was growing up, I always wanted to be an "imagineer", which is the name for a designer of rides for Disney. I was always utterly enchanted by the amount of magic those engineers can pull off when it comes to design and aesthetic for the rides/parks, and wanted to get in on that.

How many smoothies could you drink in a week? They're all already paid for.

I'd say 7. Smoothies are great and all, and if they're free, I'd definitely take them, but I could really only handle one a day. Too much cold and sugar to have one more often than that.

A thought experiment: If 1 random (could be anyone: you, your worst enemy, could be your best friend) person could hold all the suffering of the humanity, would you take the deal? If that person dies the suffering goes to someone else and the sufferer is not seen as a hero.

Nah. No one deserves that sort of curse, even if it could potentially lighten the load of humanity. We all have our burdens, and they're ours to bear.

Would you rather have the one person who gives you the hardest time in your life feel & understand all your pain for a month OR have free life supplies (food, water, clothes, medication, therapy, internet, money, human souls...what have you) for a decade? You dont need to tell me about the supplies.

The life supplies, for sure. It'd be nice to take a decade off from work to figure out what I truly want to do with my life.

Would you rather be a jack of all trades or a master of one?

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I think I'd rather be the former. As cool as it would be to be really good at a single thing, it'd have to get boring after a while.
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How are you doing today? Also, if you found a dragon egg in the mountains what would you do?

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LEAVE THAT SHIT ALONE. A dragon egg doesn't just "appear", that thing belongs to something i.e. a DRAGON. Not in the mood to piss something like that off.
And I'm doing well enough! Having a good time hanging out with the robotics kids today.
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What is your favorite character from any franchise and why? And How are you today?

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It's a tie between Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect and Varric Tethras from Dragon Age. They're kind of the same character in terms of being the greatest bro characters ever, and that's just fine with me.
As for me: staring at screens all day is starting to wear me down, but I'm otherwise good.
What is your favorite character from any franchise and why And How are you today

Steak? Favorite kind of steak? How do you like it cooked?

I was spoiled as a kid, and now I'm stuck on filet mignon, medium rare, with (if possible) some light peppercorn sauce.
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What's your favorite dessert?

Dark chocolate is my favorite thing in the world, but when I go out to nice restaurants, the dessert I can never ignore is tiramisu. I don't even like coffee all that much, but I always get it if I get the chance.

If you were in charge of earth for a day, what would you do?

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I'd get all of the worlds' space agencies together, and have a 24 hour space jam. Like a game jam, but with rocket scientists.

How are you doing today? (Sorry if I ask this too much, you can opt out if you want)

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Doing just fine. The reason I don't answer this every day is that I don't want to spam my Twitter followers.
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Do you follow your brain or your heart?

I'm more of brain/gut guy. I either try to think things through (and usually overthink them in the process), or just go for what feels right, instinctively.

What future invention are you impatiently waiting for?

Self-driving cars. I won't have to wait much longer, but I'm tired of driving long distances, and having to focus on the road the entire time.

How do you stay fit?

I don't.
...but when I can, I like to go bike riding and skiing, which tend to be good workouts. Once the robotics season is over, I'll be able to start hitting the treadmill again, which'll be nice.
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