Ask @ShadowJoeKnows:

I have a 14 year old sister, she's a blonde with blue eyes, would you like her?

Reverie magnetism
First: You're not clever, therefore you don't fool me. Therefore you can't troll me.
Second: No, for several reasons.
A.She's related to a D-bag like yourself.
B.I ain't up for breaking no laws. I may not respect 'em but I respect the consequences.
C.Even if I was, usually my eye don't go that low, bro. Typically, if they're younger than this they ain't hot to me

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Do you honestly think you 'win' by simply deleting messages, flagging and then claiming victory? That's a cowards route.

Arthur Spatchcock
I win by showing that your limited arsenal of troll tricks don't work on me. You can't scare me into silence, anger me into doing something stupid, trick me into thinking you're on my side, or really do anything to stop me.
Oh, and "coward's route"? That's a riot. This shit coming from a guy who bullies people for kicks, in numbers.

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Why are you scared to challenge your opponents head-on? Is it because you're autistic and know you'll lose immediately?

Arthur Spatchcock
Given the whole thing STARTED when I kicked Doughboy's @$$ head-on... yeah, you don't got a clue what you're talkin' 'bout, pal. -and I know you're beyond pathetically ignorant, but "autistic" isn't just fancy-talk for stupid. It's actually a condition, dumbsh!t.

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Tell me, Joe, so *I* at least know... what WAS the point of all this, anyway?

Well, since most the time even God don't know what I'm thinking, I guess I can't blame ya for wondering.
This little game was to show those worthless slugs that there's nothing they could ever do to beat me.
They talk their trash-grade trash? I talk that talk like no else does, then block'em right after flagging and reporting 'em, and if it's on my YT, I can up and delete their crap like *that*-*snaps fingers*.
Those gullible little nobody failtrolls confused their case of mistaken identity for an ace in the hole, so I showed them who REALLY has the winning hand, and who always will.
No matter what they or any other lame-o excuse for a troll try to do, the end result will be the same.
I'll be content, they'll be disappointed, I'll be the grand champ, they'll be the losers, I'll be laughin', they'll be bleedin'.
Ha-Ha-Happy New Year!

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