Thoughts On Girls, Part 1. ❤️

Shahid_Afridi_10_’s Profile PhotoAmir Khan - AK
This is going to be a long journey to scroll down to the bottom. 🙈😂😍
1) Treat her like a princess ❤️
2) Make her feel that she's the only girl in the world you've ever loved ❤️
3)Support her and stand by her side through up's and down's. She rejected so many boy's just to be with you. ❤️
4) Don't hurt her, her heart gets broken easily and she'll do things to hurt herself to take her frustration out. ❤️
5) She's just a girl that likes you, adores you, see's her future with you and wants to make a family around you. ❤️
6) Love her unconditionally, don't flirt with other girls. If she avoided so many boys just to get you, you indeed are special and you shouldn't be unfaithful to her. ❤️
7) Never LIE to a girl, she probably knows everything before you say anything. Don't be unfaithful and never cheat on her. ❤️
8) Making a girl cry is the worst, hurting her feelings and making her feel like rubbish is just disgraceful. She probably will hurt herself, blood maybe pouring out. What will you get boy ?
You'll just have a CV full of girls you have used. ❤️
9) Respect her and show you care about her and are there to support her whenever she's hurt it needs you the most. ❤️
10) She's also a human, she wasn't created to be your slave in the kitchen. A man needs to learn to cook food and this discipline is required in a man to be a man. Atleast he will be able to cook food when his princess isn't well or around him. ❤️
11) Listen to her, even if she's talking for hours, don't interrupt her, let her finish what she's saying and ask her questions to show you are listening and involved. ❤️
12) If her friends have left her, stand next to her, be close to her so she doesn't feel any pain. ❤️
13) Talk to her about movies, songs, dreams, fears, shopping and etc and talk to her about things she interested in :) ❤️
14) Hug her so tight so she knows how much you need her and she feels the warmth in you :) ❤️
15) Tell her how much you love her, compliment her, call her beautiful, pretty, princess. ❤️
16) Hold her hand, tell her what you love about her, compliment her and make her heart melt. ❤️
17) Be humble, be polite, be a gentleman, respect her, love her unconditionally, cool her anger, don't flirt with other girls and never LIE to her. ❤️
18) Look at her when she's talking to you. ❤️
19) Be a gentleman, show patience, treat her with care and attention. ❤️
20) She's not your maid or servant that does the cooking in the kitchen. Help her when she's there so that she knows you care for her and can help her out. ❤️