Thoughts On Girls, Part 2. ❤️

Shahid_Afridi_10_’s Profile PhotoAmir Khan - AK
21) Protect her, be her a bodyguard, be her soldier and keep her safe from desperate people. ❤️
22) Don't pressurise her in doing something which she isn't comfortable with. ❤️
23) If you expect her to be good looking then, you have to workout, keep your hygiene levels high, look good, eat good and smell good. ❤️
24) Make her laugh, have humour, share your weird and funny stories with her. ❤️
25) If it's cold or raining, give her your jacket/cold. A man can brave the cold for his love. ❤️
26) If she's angry with you or a argument has broken out, remember to stay calm and cool headed. Show your love and affection to cool down the matter. ❤️
27) During an argument, stay calm and don't act aggressive towards her. Anger and aggression will cause further problems. ❤️
28) Don't forget her birthday !!! ❤️
29) If she doesn't like your gift for some strange reason, tell her you should have gotten her a better one to show your love. ❤️
30) Tell her, you love her and she's the most beautiful and prettiest girl you have ever seen in this world. ❤️
31) Hold her hand, hug her tight, touch her face, kiss her, hug her from behind, make her feel close to you, protected and loved. ❤️
32) Put her first, she comes first and your priorities come second no matter what the situation is. ❤️
33) If you have agreed to take her out on dinner, don't break her heart by postponing it or cancelling it due to your commitments.❤️
34) Treat her with dignity and respect. Treat her like how you would want to be treated. ❤️
35) Never ever call a girl a "slut" or "hoe" due to circumstances causing her to split. Hey, everybody makes mistakes, where not perfect. You also have sisters, how would you feel if they were called that ? Think before you speak :) ❤️
36) Be romantic, give her chocolates, flowers, cards, send her texts and show her your romance/romantic side through your feelings. ❤️
37) Open doors for her, hold her bags. It won't make you a slave but instead it will create respect in a girls heart for you. ❤️
38) If she's not well, make her soup, bring her flowers, her favourite chocolates and look after her until she is fully well. ❤️
39) Remembering what she likes and dislikes is important to keeping a girl happy as a mood swing isn't what you need. ❤️
40) Remember important dates such as, Birthdays, Anniversary, Wedding Date and the day you met. ❤️