Thoughts On Girls, Part 3. ❤️

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41) Be confident when approaching girls. ❤️
42) Don't laugh when she's talking or she will think you aren't taking things seriously and playing with her thoughts and feelings. ❤️
43) Do not cause an argument for no specific reason as it will ruin the day and the mood. ❤️
44) If you make a mistake, apologise to her, admit your mistake, tell her it won't happen again and you love her to bits. ❤️
45) Talk to her in a soft tone and never raise your voice during an argument. ❤️
46) Never ever bring any of your ex's near your girl. This could cause serious problems and she will feel she's not valued. ❤️
47) Do not use her like a toy and throw her away after being used. One girl is enough to last you a lifetime if you do things correctly. ❤️
48) Be nice to her friends, don't offend them and don't flirt them once committed. ❤️
49) Avoid using the words "hmm" and "K". Keep the conversation going and don't be rude or disrespectful in any way. ❤️
50) Give her time and space if she has commitments such as, school, college, university or work. She does love you but needs to focus on her future aswell. ❤️
51) Be loyal to her, don't text other girls when you are in a relationship as she will feel nervous. She might feel she is being cheated on. She is the only girl you need unless she allows you to talk to your friends who are girls. ❤️
Okay, so these are my thoughts and girls need to be treated with respect and love and all the 51 things I've come up with at the top. Before anyone says its copied and pasted, do search it on the Internet, you won't find anything written exactly like this on the Internet. It took me ages to type this up but girls are the real winners in this world.
Best advice I'd give, wait for the moment until you find your prince or princess. Those who wait, always get the best love story.
Finally, if anyone asks me if I'm single or committed. I'm single xD

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