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Thoughts On Girls, Part 1. ❤️

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This is going to be a long journey to scroll down to the bottom. 🙈😂😍
1) Treat her like a princess ❤️
2) Make her feel that she's the only girl in the world you've ever loved ❤️
3)Support her and stand by her side through up's and down's. She rejected so many boy's just to be with you. ❤️
4) Don't hurt her, her heart gets broken easily and she'll do things to hurt herself to take her frustration out. ❤️
5) She's just a girl that likes you, adores you, see's her future with you and wants to make a family around you. ❤️
6) Love her unconditionally, don't flirt with other girls. If she avoided so many boys just to get you, you indeed are special and you shouldn't be unfaithful to her. ❤️
7) Never LIE to a girl, she probably knows everything before you say anything. Don't be unfaithful and never cheat on her. ❤️
8) Making a girl cry is the worst, hurting her feelings and making her feel like rubbish is just disgraceful. She probably will hurt herself, blood maybe pouring out. What will you get boy ?
You'll just have a CV full of girls you have used. ❤️
9) Respect her and show you care about her and are there to support her whenever she's hurt it needs you the most. ❤️
10) She's also a human, she wasn't created to be your slave in the kitchen. A man needs to learn to cook food and this discipline is required in a man to be a man. Atleast he will be able to cook food when his princess isn't well or around him. ❤️
11) Listen to her, even if she's talking for hours, don't interrupt her, let her finish what she's saying and ask her questions to show you are listening and involved. ❤️
12) If her friends have left her, stand next to her, be close to her so she doesn't feel any pain. ❤️
13) Talk to her about movies, songs, dreams, fears, shopping and etc and talk to her about things she interested in :) ❤️
14) Hug her so tight so she knows how much you need her and she feels the warmth in you :) ❤️
15) Tell her how much you love her, compliment her, call her beautiful, pretty, princess. ❤️
16) Hold her hand, tell her what you love about her, compliment her and make her heart melt. ❤️
17) Be humble, be polite, be a gentleman, respect her, love her unconditionally, cool her anger, don't flirt with other girls and never LIE to her. ❤️
18) Look at her when she's talking to you. ❤️
19) Be a gentleman, show patience, treat her with care and attention. ❤️
20) She's not your maid or servant that does the cooking in the kitchen. Help her when she's there so that she knows you care for her and can help her out. ❤️

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Thoughts On Girls, Part 2. ❤️

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21) Protect her, be her a bodyguard, be her soldier and keep her safe from desperate people. ❤️
22) Don't pressurise her in doing something which she isn't comfortable with. ❤️
23) If you expect her to be good looking then, you have to workout, keep your hygiene levels high, look good, eat good and smell good. ❤️
24) Make her laugh, have humour, share your weird and funny stories with her. ❤️
25) If it's cold or raining, give her your jacket/cold. A man can brave the cold for his love. ❤️
26) If she's angry with you or a argument has broken out, remember to stay calm and cool headed. Show your love and affection to cool down the matter. ❤️
27) During an argument, stay calm and don't act aggressive towards her. Anger and aggression will cause further problems. ❤️
28) Don't forget her birthday !!! ❤️
29) If she doesn't like your gift for some strange reason, tell her you should have gotten her a better one to show your love. ❤️
30) Tell her, you love her and she's the most beautiful and prettiest girl you have ever seen in this world. ❤️
31) Hold her hand, hug her tight, touch her face, kiss her, hug her from behind, make her feel close to you, protected and loved. ❤️
32) Put her first, she comes first and your priorities come second no matter what the situation is. ❤️
33) If you have agreed to take her out on dinner, don't break her heart by postponing it or cancelling it due to your commitments.❤️
34) Treat her with dignity and respect. Treat her like how you would want to be treated. ❤️
35) Never ever call a girl a "slut" or "hoe" due to circumstances causing her to split. Hey, everybody makes mistakes, where not perfect. You also have sisters, how would you feel if they were called that ? Think before you speak :) ❤️
36) Be romantic, give her chocolates, flowers, cards, send her texts and show her your romance/romantic side through your feelings. ❤️
37) Open doors for her, hold her bags. It won't make you a slave but instead it will create respect in a girls heart for you. ❤️
38) If she's not well, make her soup, bring her flowers, her favourite chocolates and look after her until she is fully well. ❤️
39) Remembering what she likes and dislikes is important to keeping a girl happy as a mood swing isn't what you need. ❤️
40) Remember important dates such as, Birthdays, Anniversary, Wedding Date and the day you met. ❤️

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Thoughts On Girls, Part 3. ❤️

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41) Be confident when approaching girls. ❤️
42) Don't laugh when she's talking or she will think you aren't taking things seriously and playing with her thoughts and feelings. ❤️
43) Do not cause an argument for no specific reason as it will ruin the day and the mood. ❤️
44) If you make a mistake, apologise to her, admit your mistake, tell her it won't happen again and you love her to bits. ❤️
45) Talk to her in a soft tone and never raise your voice during an argument. ❤️
46) Never ever bring any of your ex's near your girl. This could cause serious problems and she will feel she's not valued. ❤️
47) Do not use her like a toy and throw her away after being used. One girl is enough to last you a lifetime if you do things correctly. ❤️
48) Be nice to her friends, don't offend them and don't flirt them once committed. ❤️
49) Avoid using the words "hmm" and "K". Keep the conversation going and don't be rude or disrespectful in any way. ❤️
50) Give her time and space if she has commitments such as, school, college, university or work. She does love you but needs to focus on her future aswell. ❤️
51) Be loyal to her, don't text other girls when you are in a relationship as she will feel nervous. She might feel she is being cheated on. She is the only girl you need unless she allows you to talk to your friends who are girls. ❤️
Okay, so these are my thoughts and girls need to be treated with respect and love and all the 51 things I've come up with at the top. Before anyone says its copied and pasted, do search it on the Internet, you won't find anything written exactly like this on the Internet. It took me ages to type this up but girls are the real winners in this world.
Best advice I'd give, wait for the moment until you find your prince or princess. Those who wait, always get the best love story.
Finally, if anyone asks me if I'm single or committed. I'm single xD

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