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[1]Age? _ [2] Fav color? _ [3] Height? _ [4] Single? _ [5] Best Memory? _ [6] Color ur eyes? _ [7] Last thought ? _ [8] best friend ? _ [9] Crush? _ [10] fav. Profile on ask. Fm

1. Twenty one
2. blue and black
3. 5'11"
4. Alhumdulilah
5. All the times spent with my lads @RockstarRookie and @imafaqali
6. Brown
7. Thinking about the exams ?
8. @RockstarRookie @imafaqali and the guy in me 3rd display
9. Ummmm ?
10. @RockstarRookie @Awsmic @LybaJamshaid @sajjal_amir

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Bai swal kia tha? Lagta smj ni ati.. Translation lo "ap shadi k bary mn kia sochty".. Kia hy is swal mn? General reviews.. 2 min silence for u...

Baji if I'm flirting with you and you are offended why are you keep questioning the same thing over and over again. Btw if i asked you to show yourself doesn't makes sense that I'm flirting with you. ?
You just want to show someone that I'm flirting with you but you can't proof shit.

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+16 answers in: “What do you think about marriage?”

Haha... Dusron p baten dalny ki adat hy Kia? ? Kher yh flitpana u started not me, ? esy random question p khush ho k flirt krny lg jana b weli awam ka Kam koi u sy sekhy.. Anyways I'm not interested..

Why in the world would i flirt with someone jisko mene dekha he nhi kabhi. Well for your information shady anon i was and will never be interested in you. I never even tried to flirt with you. You are just implying here k flirt karo mere saath ?????

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+16 answers in: “What do you think about marriage?”