Ask @ShaimaShakeel:

who is your best friend? describe

shahbaz hyder
Behold her, that young lady,
Just one word "PRETTY".
Sweet as choco cream,
The girl of your dream.
Has a grin which can win over app's smilies
ends up with just perfect selfies.
Makes me smile through many ways,
I remember the moments, not days.
Love her for ALLAH's sake,
Fallen for her like a snow flake.
Thnks for being through my laughter or tears
plz be with me for more uncountable years.
Oh ALLAH! I love her. She's my bae,
keep us together in paradise is what i pray
Her friendship has bloomed like how a rose blossom,
Oh gosh!! Marry me Kulsoom ♡♡♡

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