Ask @ShaneMcS1:

Did you DJ at any cool places at college?

i was supposed to play Dave Rave at OU which is like this really cool club they have down there. there was a DJ showcase competition where new DJ's send in mixes and i was one of the selected ones that was supposed to play the event, but unfortunately, my aunt passed away and i had to drive home the night i was supposed to play. double bummer yo.

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What music equipment do you have?

Traktor Z2 mixer, two Technics 1200's, MacBook Pro equipped with Traktor Skratch Pro 2 for DJ'ing and Ableton/Logic for production. Akai APC 20 drum machine for production. rock shock "banshee" talkbox that i never use. an old looping pedal that i need to fix because i stomped on it too hard once and broke the first channel. annnnnd that's about it

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I always want to dress nice and I think i do ok but i never know where to buy good jeans. what jeans do you wear are they like pacsun or levis because they look way different then what i where

totally depends my dude. levi's are always a good choice, especially if you don't have the funds to purchase more high end stuff. 501's and just plain old slim straights will never fail you. i have a pair of 501's that i had tapered and i wear them quite a bit. if you can shell out the cash for a tailor, a pair of levi's can turn into a FANTASTIC pair of jeans.
as for what i wear, like i said, tailored 501's, APC New Standards, zanerobe sureshots, and i have one pair of balmain ribbed bikers. balmains were definitely the most expensive out of them all, but expensive doesn't necessarily equate to a good fit. just gotta try for yourself breh

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