Ask @SharbyWoof:

Have you ever disappointed anyone? (Not your parents because that's a given.) What did you do? Did you feel bad after or did you not mind it at all? Talk about it in detail if you're comfortable with it.

Colonel J
Well it's more of a "I think I did" vs "I actually did". I'm pretty paranoid person sometimes, combine this with the fact that I notice every detail there are many times where I've felt I've disappointed someone. But more-so than that I often disappoint myself.
I'm a perfectionist who always gets so close to perfect but never actually there and it hurts real bad sometimes. I use my failures to motivate myself but it just gets to the point where I wonder what's the point of even trying at all? But I think everyone goes through that sometimes.
But even so, getting so close to perfect does come with benefits; such as people always seeming impressed by the stuff I say/do. I strive to impress myself though, because I am my harshest critic, and if I can do so well that I surprise myself then it is a true achievement for me.

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