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You're one of the best people I've ever met. You're hilarious, intelligent, cute and just wrong on so many levels. You can always make me smile and laugh even when I'm annoyed or angry at you; which is possibly the most annoying thing ever. Honestly, you're just an amazing person. <3

thank you, its amazing to know that someone values me :)
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How many fingers?

how many is meaningless, what matters is knowing that when all else fails, you can always stick your finger in your elbow

You have no swag though

not on me, but i sell it on street corners sometimes, next to the transsexual prostitute called gretta

Hahahah yeah Rachelle and I have to get the shotgun to get your hands free solution to your PayPal account at least a few minutes ago and I am a beautiful person who is the best description of your choice of words in my opinion of your browser does it mean that the information contained.

38, next question

Do you have official Ask.fm app for Android?

Do you have the offiicial Josh app for ios? i guarantee its much bettter (yes i know this is not a real question team)

You could date me? x ;)

how much swag do you have out of ten madam/sir? cause as such a high quality of swag as i possess i must keep up social appearance and what what my boy

Then this is the wrong site for you?

I was wondering why it didnt say youtube up the top, thanks for pointing that out

Do you think you're cool?

ohh of course! i sit here playing video games in my underwear at 3 am and i sit back and think to myself, "fuck, why am i so godly?"
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