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Stop being childish and if you think that attacking sheaden mentally can change anything? Thats a joke.She is strong,i will be with her,so ya stop wasting ur time.TQVM -yh

^ this is honestly really true, thank you to hiiung for backing me up on this. to the anon - its true that you can hurt me and attack me wherever or whenever you want, and its true that i cant stop that from happening. but i'd just like to say that whatever you do, hiiung and i will still try our best to work things out between us, so please stop wasting your effort and time and trying to continue this. thanks for your cooperation!! if you dont, then well we'll just live through it. see you around!!

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his parents had high hopes of bringing you to aus with him but he still hasnt let go and they want him to enjoy the trip. so thasts why they did the classes to him. and so that he can focus better. im not sure if it will work, but he still have an appointment tmrw.

this is actually really funny because i know that its bullshit, yall actually think that this is going to make me change my mind?? his parents didnt know he wanted to bring me to melbourne with him to meet his sister, and they were completely okay with it when we broke up - his dad said "shes just a girl what can she do to you" this is so fucking hilarious lmao

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Sheaden, can you please please help me ask him if he would date any of his exes back? Or does he still has feelings for any of his exes besides you. Please. It's been so long. We were so much less than what you and him had, yet I still feel it in my heart. Tell him I was wrong, and I regret.

im sorry to tell you this but he doesnt want to get back together with any of you haha - neither does he have feelings for any of you.

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