Ask @Shelbyhix21:

Why you so happy with who you are? If people talked as much crap to me as they do to you there's no way id be happy

First off people gonna talk sh*t about you all they want.. It's life. Life goes on. Yeah I've changed a lot from a few years ago but things happen for a reason and it's up to God. And to answer your first question "why am I so happy with who I am?" Well God has seriously done nothing but blessed me.. I have the best bestfriend a girl could ask for... I have the best teammates in the whole entire world, a loving and caring family and they've all had a big impact on my life and made me who I am today.. So why am I happy with who I am is because I have EVERYTHING I need. God is good. I don't care what other people say about me.. You're much happier when you don't care js. Does that answer your questions? :-)

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