Ask @Sheroze_Sandal:

Hey bruh, koi hamain bhi tips day dain app toh national leaderboard k top 3 mein hain, abb toh baray banday ho gaye hain😂😂

Mannn....ur message just made me come to know about all this....I was totally blown away seeing this and believe I still cant figure out how I did it or science behind this leaderboard thing...but I’m really overwhelmed as all I have is u virtual friends and maybe their are only 2 people on ask I’ve physically it’s kinda achievement for me and love of u all people

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Kesi jarhin hen chuttiyan? XD

Soha Asif
Yeh keh k too app nay meray zakhmoon par namak hee dalaa hai maam……..these holidays were really guest-aholic for me,,,,,there was a myriad of guests staying at my house and nearby and the holidays just swished away in making them amused……I even didn’t sleep for more two consecutive days as most of them were out of city guests so I had to individually serve them and get them around the city on my poor Civic……but for now most of them have returned and im really trying to escape that thing by being here on ask community…….Happy Holidays to u though

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