Ask @Sheroze_Sandal:

Like this i won’t be able to increase my rank why don’t you give me 10k coins on daily basis and help me to reach in top10 and once I’m in top10 ill return you your all coins ❤️

Attention Guys and everyone,
So this is one of the many messages I received from a fake and spam account...those knowing me here of my ask fam know that I have been on top 10 position many times and I have over these few months helped many people with coming onto top position...I always kept 2.1k coins where 2k were for this exchanging and helping 2 days ago I received a message from a fake account with fake pics that my bad I could comprehend it was that she wanted to get top 10 in Pakistan and wanted for exchange purpose he/she took 2k from me...over these two days they demanded more and more coins while I asked them to return my coins...many fake pics were posted and people giving in coins to the spam account...when I gave the coins and the individual not answering me got me to know that the account was the account was deactivated and I had whole conversations to get my coins back...however my mistake and my coins account now is nill...but the main purpose to tell all of u is to make u beware of such spams and that u don’t fall into them like I ask fam has always supported me and I love u people...I could have published all messages I got but I think the person out there might get this message too and get to know that what they did is utterly wrong and should be knowing that whatever happens we the ask family will be united against these spams...thanks

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So this is a big shoutout and a humble thanks to all of my ask family of making my day more special and it really really means a lot to me as I know that my ask fam is always with me tho I don’t know most of u individually but u all are so sweet and kind enough that is the only reason y I take the job to make u all smile through my page
Thank u again and love u all bros and sissies🌟✨

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