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What angers you the most?

I'm gonna say a really generic answer: stupid people. There's a lot of them around.

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Do you have a personal blog?

Yes I do! My cosplay blog is a lot more well-known but I do also run a personal/lifestyle blog! You can find it here: ^_^

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Have you ever written a poem? If yes, what was it about?

Yes, I've written hundreds! I love poetry, it's one of my favorite hobbies. Most of my poems are kinda dark or melancholic, but I also do poems about nature etc. I've even considered publishing a book with poems that I've written over the years...

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Why you have blogs?

I've always enjoyed writing and documenting my work/life. I decided to start blogging because I want to share my knowledge (cosplay and kimono blogs, especially) with the communities and hopefully inspire and help fellow geeks out. :) I just simply like keeping blogs and it's something I enjoy spending my free-time on. I've had a fair amount of different blogs during my lifetime (some are long dead and deleted) and it feels natural to have at least one running; it's like my internet "home" in a way, haha.
Hope that's enough of an answer to you.

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What is your dream cosplay? Like if you had unlimited money and time?

That's like the hardest question to answer, ever. I can't give any specific character or outfit but I'll just say that I would do a shitlot of armor sets (complete with weapons!) from the Monster Hunter games because, honestly, I'm such a huge fan of the game series.

I'm attaching with an image of one of the maaaany armor sets there are, just to give you an idea of what they can look like. The one to the left (the male one) I would maybe consider doing one day, maybe. xD

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Vad var det första ordet som du sade?

Jag vet faktiskt inte. XD Alldeles för länge sedan för att kunna minnas det själv och mina föräldrar har nog inte sagt det till mig heller...

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I discover a new manga, "Akatsuki" do you know it ?! ^^


I had to double-check my manga list at MAL but seemingly I mixed it up with "Amatsuki" so no, I sadly don't know it. I did a Google research though and I have to say that it sounds very interesting so thanks for the tip, it's in my "to read" list now! ;)

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What are your favorite video or computer games?

Umm, not sure if you are asking for genres or specific games so I'll answer both. ^^" I prefer RPG's, adventure games, hack 'n slash games and fighting games in general. My favorite game series include Pokémon, Monster Hunter, Dynasty Warriors etc. I really love Ōkami and Tales of Symphonia. I also like Super Mario games in general. :) I like a lot of games, actually. xD I just tend to not care for shooting games or horror/scary games all that much...

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What was your very first cosplay?

Lina Marklund

Depends on how you count. The very first cosplay that I started making (OC's excluded because I didn't know what cosplay was back then xD) was Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. Thing is that the first one I actually finished and wore to a con was Byakuya from InuYasha. So yeah, depends on if you count first to make or first to wear to a con. ^^"

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Do you live in your own place or still at your family/parents? :)

I live in my own apartment. It's small as shit but the rent is dirt cheap so it's okay. xD

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Hello ! Did you still in couple with a french girl ? :)

I don't like answering personal questions of this sort but no, not anymore. It didn't work out.

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I've seen that you make your own cosplays and that's awesome. I do wonder though if you have ever bought/commissioned a costume? :)

Hello and thank you!
Yes, I've had a couple cosplay pieces "commissioned" by a friend's mom before (she didn't ask for payment though, just wanted something to do at home) but I've also recently bought my first costume online. I must say that I was nervous about what I would receive but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the costume! :D I ordered my Harada cosplay (Hakuouki) from Cospicky and, if interested, you can check out the review here:

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@lizzzavine asks, "Would you rather have crazy turbulence on a flight or only be able to eat through your nostrils?”

Crazy turbulence. I've experiences some turbulences and other funny things in airplanes already so yeah, much rather that than only ever eat through my nostrils. Eww.

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What is your next convention?

Närcon Vinter in Sweden! It's on 12-14 February and I'll go with a group of friends! :D
You can see my cosplay plans here:

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Do you think it's weird if I cosplayed as a wrestler at an anime convention, even though I'll be using a mask?

I see nothing weird with that. Go for it if that's what you want to do! :)

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yay, now it is the 29th of December so I'm turning 13 ^^

Belated congrats!

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Are you excited about the new Star Wars movie??

Yes! I'm actually working at the cinema in town and, well, I totally made myself a Jedi robe (during the past weekend so yeah, in two days) so that I can dress up for the movie! It's gonna be awesome to be a random Jedi while working! :D
If you're interested you can check out the progress post of the robe here:

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How long have you been blogging?

Depends on which blog you mean. XD I guess I started blogging back in my early teenage years but yeah, those blogs are long dead and deleted... and I guess that's for the better lol.
I've had quite many blogs over the years and currently I have 3 active ones on Blogspot. :) My oldest and most active blog is my cosplay blog which, in fact, is celebrating its 4-year birthday on this exact day and thus I'm holding a mini giveaway for all my followers! ♥
Check out the giveaway here: ttp://

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How do you relax at the end of the day?

I play video games, listen to music and have something nice to eat!

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Do you smile at strangers? Why or why not?

Sometimes. I do smile to strangers at times, especially if I see them doing something nice/kind. I also tend to smile to older people and just those that I think might need a bit of happiness. :)

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What song brings back memories from your childhood?

The Finnish Rauli Badding's song called Laivat, which means "ships".
I always loved this calm and melancholic song (still do) and once, not too long ago, dad told me that every time this song played in his car, back in the days (he had it as car music and I traveled in his car a looooot as a kid), that I always sung it. Every single time.
I also remember that once, many years later after my parents had divorced (and I had moved with my mom to the other end of Sweden), I was with my school class in some kind of second-hand store. I had almost forgot this song and then it suddenly started playing in the radio and I couldn't help but cry (really tried to hold it in but it was impossible) because I remembered bad things that had happened between me and dad... ;_; Even nowadays, when I hear this song, I have a hard time not getting emotional - especially while singing.

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how are you?

I'm quite fine. Sitting in school right now and trying to study.. but I can't focus. :/ I want to go and have lunch!

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It's World Gratitude Day! What's something you're grateful for?

Being alive. It's that simple.
I was only minutes away from dying after being born so yeah... I appreciate the gift of life really much.

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What is the last thing you do before bed?

Depends on the day. Sometimes it's playing video games and other times it's drinking tea ~

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Would you rather wear a snow suit in the desert or be naked in Antarctica?

Well, the snow suit in the desert, of course. Why? Well, because at least I can take it off to cool down. XD I mean, if I'm naked in the Antarctica I won't have anything to put on for protection. U MAD BRO?

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