Ask @ShukuenShinobi:

What if there was a Super Sentai Bug Theme? Red Firefly Blue Spider Black Beetle Yellow Bee Pink Ladybug Sixth Ranger Dragonfly Plus Extra Zords or Rangers Scorpion Ant Cockroach Butterfly Mosquito

That's basically Beetleborgs. I'm surprised Japan hasn't done it yet, but considering how much I hate bugs, I'm okay with them never touching it.

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Why do you like Kamen Rider Knight better than Ryuki? Just curious, I like both

I'm not sure if you mean Knight the Rider vs. Ryuki the Rider, or Dragon Knight the Show vs. Ryuki the Show.
Riders: Knight's costume and Survive mode was cooler looking.
Show: English helps, it had a lot of original takes, and they created a great series with what little budget they had to work with. Both had pretty crappy endings though.
I'd like to make a point that I bitch about Ryuki's ending, not really Ryuki as a series. It's a nice ride until the very end.

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