Ask @Shutupitsjackie:

Do you miss all your old friends from stell or would you rather hang with your new crew

I miss and will miss everyone so much except one person lol but I'm excited to meet new people and the friends I've made, They're starting to grow on me. i love them and well yeah :)

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You talk a bunch of shit about tons of people and you have no respect to anyone what so ever, this is why i hate you.

I do have respect for a lot of people,and specially the people who earn it and oh my gosh I talk shit? Pls tell of who. I could care less if you hate me :)

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Why do you and Vanessa act all bestfriend when everyone knows y'all aren't & that you don't even like her

We don't say we're bestfriends. I love her she's like a sister to me. So whoever this is should get their shit right. Damn annoying

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