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When the last time you had sex

I'm sure the person that asked this asked all those other questions-_____- (not answering them) all in my business.

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What's your Favorite Christmas Song?

Wow! That's a hard question... There so many and there all so great. I just love Christmas music period. I will say Luther Vandross's Christmas cd is one of my favorites though.

Do you like dogs?

Ummmm only some..I'm not that fond of any animal though except my cat Cinnamon. I've had dogs though and I loved them so much!! But no pitbulls!!!!!!!

Hint? I'm short, cute and shy. Can you guess now?

Short &&cute? I had someone in mind.. Then you said shy and it threw me off! This a girl right?

Do you like girls a little bit

Why you all in my business? Lmfao j/p yeeaaahhhh. Ppl keep telling me it's just a phase I'm going through? Gotta be because I'm marrying a football player real soon lol.

Are you talking to anyone.?

Talking? Ummm yeah I guess you can say to a few ppl. In a relationship? Nooooo not at all. Just trying to find something right.

What will you never do?

It's a lot of stuff I thought I would never do and did:/ so like my boo Justin says "Never Say Never" ...you never know. I would say kill.. But one day I might have kids and have to defend them. I would hope not to have to though because no one should take life except God.

What are you listening to right now?

Nothing, but the last thing I listened to was "Up 2 You" by Chris Brown on his Fame album.

I tell you almost at least once a week how much I care about you. I always tell you I'm going to take you away and take care of you.

Oooooh I think I know who this is in(: still thanks my baby!

I hope you love me, because I truly have feelings for you. And I will take care of you as soon as I can.

:) well thank you for telling me that. Good to know people care about me!


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