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شنو انستقرامش

I don't have Instagram

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حطي لنا صورتش بالبكيني

شنو حصلتي بالفلانتاين

Nothinggf :(

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How many selfies do you take a day?

I don't take selfies daily but maybe 1-3

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تلبسين بكيني؟

Would you rather be loved or have a lot of money?

hmmm i guess loved

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ثاني حرف من اسم شخص مستحيل تنساه؟

لتخلي احد يزعلك مايستاهلون

awww thanks anon that's rly sweet

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did you practice the sex

no i practice music

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Give me your whatsapp

I want to see your bikinis

soz got no bikinis here

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You are virgin?

no my name is seba

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Which series would you recommend watching now?

AHS, misfits, orphan black, OITNB, pretty little liars, gossip girl, my mad fat diary, black mirror, stranger things, the get down, the 100

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omfg r u fucking kidding djafkdsfa i cant even deal this basic ass bitch thinks iq is an accurate measure of intelligence yo bruh hold me BACK lmfaooo

I did not say anywhere that "IQ is a measure of intelligence", I believe and agree that it isn't, and nowhere did I try to imply that I am intelligent. But when testing if someone is a "retard", which is just a shitty ableist way of saying you're testing someone who is mentally slow/mentally disabled, IQ is used. My IQ is 125, if I recall correctly. Therefore, no, I'm not a "retard".

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You are a literal retard

nah my iq is high so no im not a literal r*tard but you're a literal asshole

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rape culture is a myth


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urkingx6 تعالي سناب اسحرك فيني, وعد تخقي

So fucking dumb

no need to insult urself like that

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Wemen shud b barefut bregnant an en d kichen

nice trolling

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Meninism is awesome join

it's pathetic no thanks

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were you born in Bahrain?


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مشبه على اكاونتج جايفه من زماااان يمكن قبل 5 سنين وليحين انتي Active ماشاءالله 🙄

Haha not 5 years yet but ya I'm that bored

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About Seba (◕‿◕✿):

Yes, I'm from Bahrain.


i support all human rights ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
don't talk about rape lightly to me. or youll be instantly blocked