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Laki marwat ki larkian to wese e bari gandu hti hain apne maa baap he bechty hain tm jeson kon young bachon ki surat main. Don’t teach me insaniyat. Ghaleez zina kaar log

Why so mad? What's wrong? Gher per kuch hova? Koi pershaani hai? Inti nafrat ki ko? 😒 anyhow jo b masla hai Allah tum reham keray, tumhari pershaani ko dor keray or is nafrat ko nikaal baher keray

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Me too sister Me too :) N when that girls parents take that line as it was the most normal thing to say ...hurts alot

Do not let it to get under your skin, best answer is be blunt, be confident, be blunt and retort back sternly but politely and respectfully, "because my Allah has better plan for me, i trust him do not you?"
am sorry, i really am if someone is going through something like that.... sometimes Allah shows us the reality of this world, truth of every relation, idea of our whole existence, reason of our existence, actual value of this materialistic world in different ways.

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+2 answers in: “What should a girl do if his brother says " you are 25 n yet u have no rishta :) " ?”