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Tbh; Sisssta i luv yah a lot <3 you're one of my bestest friends ever and we used to snapchat a lot but now my phones dicked but i'm getting a new one sooon :) you're super nice. And so damn pretty i dont like it. You n Jake are cute i think you should get married. I still call being the babysitter

haileyasolberg’s Profile PhotoHailey Solberg
good I miss snapchatting that face of yours (: and aawe thaaanks elephant shoe
Tbh Sisssta i luv yah a lot 3 youre one of my bestest friends ever and we used

Tbh; you and jake are the best couple ever. You both are super goodlooking, friendly, people, with awesome personalities. It's like a match made in heaven ❤️ You're adorable, and so pretty, and you seem so real. You don't have to pretend for anyone, & I like that.

Awe you're a doll that was actually the greatest tbh ever!
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Tbh your the prettiest person out there and I tried the new tea in Timmy's and it's like heaven haha.

You don't get out much do you? And yes, its exactly what heaven would taste like if it had a taste .
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Tbhhhh we have talked afew times! Ur got a good sense of humor! Ur pretty fuckn gorgeous! Ur still a young gun in the school! Tell jake he needa lay off the chew;) anyways we need to talk more :)

Oh thanks anon!
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