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You have me some good advice on making friends awhile ago on here, thank you so so much. I don't think I would be happy today without the advice you'd given me. I just wanted you to know that you're awesome, keep giving good advice and staying true to yourself.


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What does your tattoo mean?

It means yolo.

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Okay, I'm a big fan and this might be a weird question but did you delete your twitter account/stop using it for awhile? I tried to search your twitter name but I couldn't find you (?)

Karlye Price

Yeah I did! I changed it to @thesilliesttbh :)

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Lol I'm really bored katie

Deep down were all bored

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Can I have your numbaa? Can I have it? Can I?

What even are you

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seriously i would so tap dat ass

Oh ok

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what is your opinion on dating an ex

Depends on the ex, how long you dated, how serious it was, how long it's been since you broke up, why you broke up, your feelings for each other now. Damn man it just depends on every thing

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guuuurl you seeeexxxxaaaaayyyy

Thank you for your input, I am moderately flattered

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ok sb I know you'll know the right answer to this bc u are a god. do I say thank you when told I have blow job lips??? like what do I say to that??

Depends honestly on who the guy is and how you feel about him and how much the compliment meant to you.
Anything between "oh ok great observation...." And "oh, great observation ;)" should do.

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how fat is your ass?


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I want to go visit my bf who lives about 2 hours away, but I could only stay one night and I'm afraid my friend will be mad at me for going. Is it worth it?

Why would your friend be mad at you..?

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Do you and your boyfriend do it

What the hell

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what is your favorite sport to watch?


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I forgot my password lol

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are any of these situations acceptable for trying to get laid 1) mutual grieving over the loss of a friend 2) a drunk girl saying she'll do "anything" for you to forgive her 3) a cancer diagnosis

Only the first one.

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So, I'm talking to this kid and he decided to hangout with his ex, without me knowing, and try things on her.. his ex said no but I don't know what I should do.. he doesn't know that I know..

You could either be upfront about it & let him know right away & hear his answer out, and work it out from there.
OR something like this might work too

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bruh how old are you

what do you do with someone who is 2 hours away and you only see once a month? is it ever truly worth all of the work to keep in touch?

i've been in this situation many a-time. most of the time it was more than 2 hours away.

give each other space, but keep in contact. dont force any aspect of your realtionship. dont get upset if they dont call or text back immediately, space is essential to finding yourself in the new distance you've put between yourself.

to answer your it worth it? thats up to you. do you gain more than lose? is there positive consequences to your effort? is this person irreplaceable?

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You're so honest I love it, I need help. If things in your relationship are going downhill, is it possible to just be a rough patch? And how do you get through it? Please help

absolutely! If the problem is related to emotions or communication...then it CAN be fixed! don't try to throw something away if it just needs a little attention!

however, if this is beyond your knowledge of repair, or does not fall into those categories, you might need to cut your losses. its a real important lesson to distinguish between when to give up and when to get working on it

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How do I make my ex want me back. We dated for over a year n now he's confused, I know him like the back of my hand but idk what to do to make him realize everything... FUCKEN BOYS

for starters, time. patience. and don't get fat.

and know when to move on.

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what's the last good book you read?

Bossy Pants by Tina Fey!!

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SB what are you doing with your life lately?

Jade Riojas

this question hurts my brain

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someone you always wanted but never could get finally shows interest. might be questioning their motives a bit. how does one draw the line between going for it & having some self-respect

if this person repeatedly hurts you & all you do is give them chance after chance, you are not giving yourself the respect you deserve.
people need to learn how to treat you by you showing them.

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