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What conspiracy theories do you believe?

I can’t say I dive to deep into them but im certain that the English parliament knows far more than they are willing to say of the Whitechapel murders plus of the death of a certain Princess .

Which American city would you most want to visit?

Several mates of mine who visited it speak good of New York City plus Los Angeles . Possibly those two . Any you suggest ?

How do you feel about BigBuddhaPowerBomb breaking the world record?

Can’t say I am very envious though he has accused me of being envious of it few years back . The record I would believe he broke was for having the largest chests MDR

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Can a relationship be built on lies and secrets?

On the lies half only if you want it to be as durable plus lasting as if built by salted biscuits .
On the secrets half . Every romance has a secret or other .

What’s the youngest age difference between you and a girl?

How much younger than me ? The youngest was Stasia Lang awfully sorry you chaps must be awfully bored of me mentioning her Mdr she was 8 years and 3 days my younger . After her it was a mademoiselle named Adéle who was nearly 6 years my younger .

I love wine 🍷

I do as well . i recently drank Watermelon wine brought to me by my uncle . It was rather good we talked about creating our own wine .

Will you be watching this years World Cup?

Wouldn’t miss it for a fortune . It’s difficult to believe 4 years have passed .

Will the Chinese eventually take over France as they have Brazil?

They took over Brazil ?
It is doubtful . Several larger brands in France have made more agreements with the orient since the orange clown trump opened the door for tensions between them and the states though it is rather doubtful, they are heavily limited here .

What’s your favorite food to order at a restaurant?

Falafel in pita really 🥙 if the cafes have salad bars I usually order something simple and eat mostly salads really .

Favorite vegetable? 🥗 🥕 🥦

Leeks . They are rather costly at stores . I am growing a number of them this year .

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

Yes I start half way through the year . You have more variety in this manner .

Do you like reading HP lovecraft books?

He’s the chap that wrote the book about the massive creature with the face of the octopus and vampiric body ? He was a person with several disturbances .

What’s your opinion on conspiracy theories?

A number of them are truths and they mention the people if you can rightfully call such creatures people with influences .

On the topic of mier, were you shocked when he would make rather controversial comments such as being the biggest issue with America was the Jewish as well as black Americans? Which had offended many people.

Not with Mier MDR he is a very intelligent bloke .

What are your plans for this Christmas?

Will be having it with old friends in a cabin in the snowing mountains some I haven’t seen in years .

Do you vote?

No . Every political filth comes with his price label no matter from what region of the earth he is from .

Jacques did you hear that Weasel Mcweasel had a mental breakdown on reddit today?

It has ? MDR 😂 must have been rather humorous please do tell in full detail what happened ?

If you could change one thing about your partner what would it be?

Can’t say anything really . She’s quite charming even when upset, her Argentine accent is quite enchanting
If you could change one thing about your partner what would it be


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