Ask @Simran_witty:

Do you like the way you're living your life rn?

Yes, I do.
Because I'm happy, and I'll be happy for a long time, I assure you.
Because I find happiness within myself.
And I live that way. I don't wait for anybody to come and make me happy. I don't want to find my soulmate. Because when they go, when that person leaves me, I'm no longer happy.
However, if you find happiness within yourself, it is different. You get to love you, the person who you are. You get to enjoy simple things in life. 🌸

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What is your ideal dream date?

Your 3am thought
No offence, I find all these too mainstream.
I'd rather go for some adventure sport with my special person.
like- para gliding or bungee jumping. followed by a bike ride back home
And then getting into our pj's.. my feet over his and chilling with a box of pizza and falling asleep to some old romantic number.
Now that's what I'd call a date to remember. 🙂❤

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If you could change one thing about yourself What would it be? 🌸

I would love to be able to just instantly forget about a person who was nasty to me. Whether it's a past incident or a recent one. I'd like to be more like one of those people who just,don't let others get to them at times. That's not to say that I'm not thin-skinned or anything like that, it's just that sometimes when nasty people say certain things in a certain matter of context, they can really strike you to your innermost core and leave a scar for quite awhile. I guess I should/could learn how to use some sort of way of calming myself internally, like meditation of some kind maybe, which I really think would help greatly.

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