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Hey! I'm doing a school project about the art of photo editing and how people use sims to practice it. I wanted to ask you if you'd like to be a part of it!You'd just send me some of your edits- before and afters so I can add them to the portfolio that I'll be displaying.I'd use your name of course.

I'd love to help but I have no screenshots anymore, and I don't own sims either.
You can look through my posts to find some though :)

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YES I'll I ever get messaged about is roleplay, roleplay, and more roleplay; its really getting old. Like trying to talk about people on this app is just awkward asf now if it doesn't have something to do with roleplay. It's really getting old. And I know exactly who you're talking about. *le sigh*

The sad thing is that those people actually seemed 'normal' at first :// Now I just despite them

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I know right, this community was so alive in 2014 but now it's basically dead

2015 too kinda.
I'm not kidding, a month left and I'll be on this site for at least 2 years officially, that means I also seen everything there was to see.
I can proudly say that I was one of the firsts who started this Roleplaying stuff.
But you know what? They get old.
At one point dramatic stories were a thing, and I am VERY guilty to say that I was one of those people who did it, but it doesn't matter all that much anymore, since I don't do this.
This year, I saw a lot of characters with dramatic ass stories. They were worse than anything that people in late 2014, early-mid 2015 could come up with.
The 'character's parents dying' or 'being abused' (which I DID do, I will say) right now is just boring.
And when I tried to get someone to roleplay with a character of mine, who had a normal life, the contrast was so wrong that the roleplay was especially boring. What I'm talking about is: take a character who's parents are not divorced and live happily, the character lives a normal school life and stuff, and then take a character who was 'scarred' for life by being abused, or/and raped and stuff. Those two people clash BADLY, and the roleplay is basically drama, drama, DRAMA.
People are scared to make changes.
I wanted a roleplay where the girl was older than the guy, but guess what? The person said "Nope, that sounds bad. I think she should be younger." DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT FOR ONCE.
One more thing that people who I had to do with in the past, refused to do. They refused to talk to me. Just a simple chat. The person would send an ask, usually asking if I got the roleplay. And when they DID have a chat with me, it always ended with something to do with the roleplay.. (And not only me, there are more individuals, I'm sure - who had this happening to them.)
The same person recently sent an ask to someone here, talking about roleplay. The person who got the ask, looked very uninterested, and uncomfortable.
If any of you have an idea of who I'm talking about, GOOD JOB! You spotted a person that I'd rather not talk to :)
And that's why, don't send me saying who it is, because I know who I am 'attacking' (not even denying it).

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