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If someone cheating on u ..... Would u give them second chance? Be honest

No I wouldn’t give them a second chance, why give them a second chance to make you look stupid again?

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Ever been so disappointed in everyone around you? All I feel is anger on the inside and I don’t like being that way.


If someone leaves you for being overweight but comes back after you lost the weight, should you take them back?

No definitely not don’t take them back if they can’t be there for you while your overweight and when your fit. They don’t get to choose which part of your life to come in or leave at, once you left that’s it, there’s no coming back, your loss

Guys help me out on this one. Last month I told the guy I really liked to not message me for a long time. Now I miss him so much. I was hurt and wanted some space. He hasn't messaged me at all and I know I told him to. How can I talk to him again in so ashamed of myself. Idk what to do

Message him, talk to him and let him know how you’re feeling, just be open, it’s okay to be scared.

Have you ever met someone at the wrong time? Let me explain, that due to the circumstances the relationship could not be carried out in some way that you think could have happened if the circumstances had been different.

Yes, once, and it wasn’t on my part, I was ready and he was not, he was intimidated and instead of talking to me he ghosted me

Looking back what’s something you argued about that wasn’t worth the energy? 👀

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I feel like 99% of the arguments I’ve had in the last couple days have been unnecessary, it’s giving childish.

Have you ever dated someone online? If so, what was your experience with it?

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Twice, first time with my ex girlfriend, and everything was good, until it wasn’t anymore


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