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biggest jerk for few weeks you be in relation and now single seriously dude my phone's battery lasts longer than your relationships

okay sis, But I'm already dating, You haters just find for a reason to spread hate, Listen up, I got my perfect girl, And I Seriously Admire you, To stalk me all day night, and Spread hate! Love You Haters💕

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Tbh, you're damn cute❤

Hello Guys, Just wanted to share somethings that i feel is wrong in this world..
I believe in Every Girl is a "Princess", Nowdays 12 year old girls are like they are in love/Beoken, Like What The Fuck? Their Age is to Choose Complan flavours.
Some jerks are spreading hate about their Exes, Some are Just using them like a tissue paper, Some just give commitments and then use them, etc, What do these type of guys think? Respect every Women, Because one day you maybe having a daughter like them, Pray that they don't even meet a guy like you!
Girls listen up, You'll Get attached to jerks and then ask where are perfect one's? Princess You just Friend Zoned him.
Never cry for those who don't bother, they are not worth it, Because The worth one is never gonna make you cry.
They're many things I'm experiencing these days, Tbh- Sorry for this long message, Hope so you'll understand, Thank you for reading!

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