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Awwww computerless that's tough sini, I wouldn't mind keeping you company if you don't have a computer at the moment, but I'm glad you're doing great keep up what you're doing.

Hehe, thank you. Just know this chubby redhead is waiting for her triumphant return.
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Hey sini hows the sexy red head doing, anything fun happening?

Hey there. This sexy redhead is doing great. She is currently computerless, though :( So no fun RP's in a long time. Just means I have to slut out irl. :P
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Ignore the trolls, you are great! What do you think of the "gainer/feeder" dynamic, does things like weightgain interest you, or are you happy where you are currently?

In RP, stuff me up, baby. IRL, it's not really a very health conscious lifestyle. However, it's still sexy to hear and read about. A small part of me wonders if I'd like it.
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