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you're "accidentally" stuck in a hole in the wall what would you do if someone came by to "help" you out of the wall.

Depends on what side of the wall they were on. If they were in front, I'd beg them for help and bribe them by sucking their big dick till they explode all over me. Lubricant right? If they were behind... Well that shirt skirt I was wearing barely hides my chubby ass... I hope they don't try to take advantage. ;) Then again, the rhythmic pushing might just be enough to pop me out.

say would love to have a set of twin brothers for obvious reasons, you would rather enjoy a set of two to play with at any time, am I right?

Having twin younger brothers would be great. Either take both at once, or when ones tired, switch out for the other, that way I never have to stop fucking them.

good to know Sini would love fan art I'll keep her on my to do list (dirty pun intended hehehe) though I'm not a professional artist but still will make some so keep an eye out for that ;3

I certainly will. And professional artist or not, my fan are would be a chubby stick figure with big boobs, so its better than that!

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would Sini like it if a random person made fan art of her just wondering, because Sini is a sexy cute model for some fan art :3

Sini would absolutely love that!

I wonder how it would be in a apocalypse type setting with you and guy survivor, I'm sure you two would want to help repopulate plus since its the apocalypse deal you can be as loud as you want no holding back ;3

We'd be sweaty and dirty, wearing scraps of clothes, just fighting to survive, so when we finally had time to relax we'd just go wild. We would fuck night and day, doing every kinky fucked up thing we were always too nervous to try. Finally it'd end with Sini's belly swollen with child.

have you ever tried being a sexy librarian, I'm sure that you would look very sexy trying to be quite while doing things.

I have not tried that! I'm sure it would be really fun and naughty. Maybe I'll try it with you. ;)

Have you ever gotten a guy off with just them? You know a guy behind you, maybe hotdogging you, and you slip it forward between your legs? If anyone had the thighs for it, I'm guessing it'd be you.

Daniel Rook
Damn that sounds hot. But no. I've never done that sort of thing. Hotdogging I mean. Maybe I can try ;)

So we all know you're a chubby curvy girl... Are you more proud of the tits that come with it? Or the ass?

Daniel Rook
That's a great question. Well in the past I've certainly got more attention for my ass. I'd have to say I prefer my ass over my tits. But if I really picked I'd say my legs. I've stopped a few guys in their tracks with my thighs.

Do you like having sex in public? And if so, where is you favorite place/place you most want to try it?

Daniel Rook
Honestly, its so scandalous and stressful when you are about to do it,but as soon as you start, its awesome. You get to a point where you're like, bring it on, come watch me, because you're so in the moment you don't want to stop. I once had sex on the bank of a river and it was beautiful and awesome and didn't even care if anyone saw us. I'd love to have sex in a library though... weird.

Its a good tease hearing about your soft, squishy, chubby body. I wouldn't mind a babysitter if I can't be your brother and maybe you can babysit along with your brother that way you have double the fun ;D

Maybe you (the young boy she babysits) catches her and her brother fucking or fooling around and you blackmail them into letting him fuck Sini while her brother watches.

I find chubby sexy and I wouldn't mind doing the sexy chubby redhead and if you were my siste even better because we can fuck anytime, just saying ;3

Hehe, well there's reason I can't be your sister ;) My soft, squishy, chubby body is ready to be used by my favorite brother.

Favorite species of furry folk to roll around with?

Though I myself have been partial to foxes and cats before, I honestly adore horse and wolf/dog furries. Nothing like being dominated by something with a dick the size of my arm. ;P

you and your brother are stranded in the middle of no where/woods, what would you to pass the time, oh I'm sure there's fun stuff to do to pass the time.

Hehe... Well first we should build a fire and dry out our damp clothes. I'd love to see my brother standing in the firelight as he tries to hide his huge cock, already hard from seeing his sisters curvy naked body. Then we'd lay down to get some "sleep" I'd tell him. But after seeing that massive thing... I just can't go right to sleep. I'd ride him until the fire was just s pile of smoke and ash. By then our parents would have sent someone to find us... Hopefully nobody saw him balls deep in my throat and pussy...

What apps do you mostly use on your phone?

I'd love to say like Tinder and Okcupid, and other sexy things, but if I'm gonna be 100% honest... it's definitely Kim Kardashian Hollywood and Jimmy Johns online ordering....

I can't decide if I want to continue playing these video games, or fuck my loving chubby sister, would you be so kind as to coax me while I still clung to the controller?

TahkSilverheart’s Profile PhotoTahk Silverheart
Well, all those insecure 13 year old boys online who say they are getting blowjobs while playing are about to find out what a real 13 year old getting a blowjob sounds like ;) Then after, leave the mic on so they can hear you fuck me rotten.

You are having a family meal and your little brother has gotten lucky enough to sit beside you during the meal. His hand snuck below the table away from prying eyes and starts fondling with your pussy shamefully. Do you return the favor or take him upstairs?

TahkSilverheart’s Profile PhotoTahk Silverheart
Oh no! You are pitting my two favorite things against each other; food and my little brother's cock. I'd return the favor, stroking his big cock through his thin shorts, but as soon as we were finished, I'd take him upstairs and fuck his brains out. Just hope mom and dad don't wonder why I'm skipping out on dessert...

Why do you like your character being chubby?

I will play any way, but I always imagined her chubby. She is just such a hotty with big thick thighs and jiggly ass and tits.

Give us an idea of what a perfect day would be for you, from start to finish!

I wake up to my little brother serving me a huge breakfast, naked. I eat, then we have loud, sweaty sex until he cums inside of me. Then I take a quick shower, and lay out by the pool smoking hookah and eating chips until he comes by with his hot black friend. I skinny dip with them and finally let them both fuck me and cum inside my ass and pussy. Then its lunch time. I go grab a beer and a burger and watch competitive league of legends on a big screen while some hot nerdy guy chats me up. I take him home and we make all sorts of love until evening when he cooks me spaghetti. After a few glasses (or bottles) of wine, I end up in bed with all three of them, and maybe our pet dog if I'm extra trashed, and let them use me till we all pass out.

What would you do if an endless string of guys held you down and started dumping their loads in you?

First of all: Let them. That would be so hot, being used like a literal cum dumpster for the pleasure of any number of guys. Second: It would be wonderful to raise a baby boy with hundreds of "daddies" ;P

What do you like to masturbate with the most?

I'm pretty boring. I masturbate with my hand or a small vibrating egg I have.

Ever downed so much cum that you gained weight from it?

All the time. I cant get enough of the stuff. Sometimes I get all round and about to burst because I love cum so much.

What’s the first thing you’d do if you were the opposite sex for one day?

Fuck some guttersluts, duh! Then get assfucked. Guys feel it way better then girls.

have you ever had cum on those sexy feet in any way? if so please describe, in detail, how it happened and what you did

Yeah, actually a little. I gave a foot job, rubbing his dick with the arches of my feet. He lubed his dick up and basically fucked my feet. He got some cum on them for sure.

Mmm I love natural redheads, do you leave your pussy hair natural and unshaved?

It's not natural, that's for sure. I keep it trimmed, but shaving is too much upkeep, There's still a little fire down there, don't worry.

You have such a sexy body. You know you're hotter than 99% of big boobed airbrushed girls in magazinse and such, right?

Awwww you're so sweet. Why aren't there magazines with sexy fatties like me on the cover? I could make a pretty good living showing my stuff off...


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