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Awwww computerless that's tough sini, I wouldn't mind keeping you company if you don't have a computer at the moment, but I'm glad you're doing great keep up what you're doing.

Hehe, thank you. Just know this chubby redhead is waiting for her triumphant return.
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Hey sini hows the sexy red head doing, anything fun happening?

Hey there. This sexy redhead is doing great. She is currently computerless, though :( So no fun RP's in a long time. Just means I have to slut out irl. :P
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Sini would you be my tutor, you can wear sexy clothing so that when I can't help myself I can have my way with my sexy tutor and when you're done "teaching" me we can "study" over and over again.

It would be an honor to teach such a naughty boy. I'd bend over your desk to make sure you're doing okay, my big tits basically popping out of my tight button up. And, there'd be no way you could focus on your lessons with my wide hips and big ass forced into a tiny pencil skirt either.

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How did you become so drop dead sexy sini I would love to know.

Well I just love to please, so I make sure I look and act sexy. Plus I get plenty to eat to make sure I'm nice and curvy. ;) I'm glad you like my hard work.

How I want to be your little bother badly and make you have my baby, I would love to fill you up until I knock my big sis up.

Mmm...that sounds lovely. I'd love to get filled to the brim by my little brother and end up fat and swollen with his bastard.

you have an adopted younger brother and he wanted to impregnate our sexy sini, how would you respond?

I would respond with glee. I want my younger brother to use my body any way he wants, especially if he is going to fatten me up with his bastard. The ultimate form of domination a man can do to a woman is making her pregnant.

would you love your brother to be turned into a furry dog with all the perks it comes with?

Well I'd hate for my sexy little brother to lose the ability to fuck me sooo.... guess that means I get to enjoy a nice big knot.

sini art anon here I've been thinking about making you a little art piece which has you being a sexy pin up girl, can't think of anything else that captures your sexy curves, what do you think?

I would adore that. Pin up girls are the perfect amount of sexy and classy, and I would be honored to be imagined as one by you!

I wonder what happens if we were doing it public like that, I wouldn't care that people were watching I would keep going wanting to please you every way possible.

Good for them. They get a free show ;) I would make sure to throat your cock hard to let everyone see how much of a slut I am for your dick. Then I'd let you have your way with my holes and moan as loud as possible. I'm sure the pervs watching would all get off to us fucking like rabbits.

if you let have a nice smack of your ass I might not be able to control myself for wanting more ;D

The thought of you controlling yourself never crossed my mind... I want you to take everything you want. Rip off my thong, my shirt, my bra... Force me onto my knees and make me worship your shaft... Put it in bareback and fill me up... Even gape my ass wide with your thick cock.

nope nothing wrong with a little ass haging out, maybe I'll have a nice feel of your sexy ass how's that sound?

Well I'm not letting it hang out of my shorts just for decoration. I want to feel your hands kneading and working my fat, jiggly ass. I want your hands to work their way into my shorts, pull them down and give my ass a nice hard smack.

how's our sexy chubby red head this beautiful day ;3

She is wonderful. It's so nice out, I think I might wear some really short shorts... ;) Nothing wrong with a little ass hanging out, right?

would you want to try discreetly fucking, like at a park or mall knowing you would be caught at any minute?

I would really enjoy that. The idea of fucking in a public place, like we can't wait to get home, and get caught because of it... My god. So hot.

what would you do if your guy friend invites you to hang out with all his guy friends, you would be the center of attention, would you also enjoy the attention they're giving or maybe you want some other kind of attention?

Heheh... Well, the more attention the better. If they want to flirt with me and try to impress me that's fine. Now if they try to all make moves on me, they better be ready to share, all together. I'd love to be the center of that party. ;) Hands all over my body... Yum.

How would you react to being done while sleeping, just having the sensation get to you and wake up cumming from it?

I would enjoy that. I love the idea of being taken advantage of, but when I wake up, my body can't take any more and I just give in.

I've always wanted to brutalize my chubby, red-headed little sister's asshole, but would she hate me for it?

Certainly not. Though she may complain that it hurts at first, once you fill her plump ass up with hot cum, she'll be waking you up in the middle of the night for another go at her big round booty.

How willing are you to let me work myself up that chubby backdoor of yours?

I'm much more than willing. I'm inviting. Come on in, I always leave the backdoor open. ;)

you could totally pull off the car mechanic look and make it sexy as hell, having all that oil and sweat just wearing half of the jumpsuit to top off the sexiness, why not try being a mechanic to drive the guys waiting for their cars wild?

Mmmm a little thick, a little muscular, greasy and sweaty. A nice pair of dark rimmed glasses and a few piercings. I'll be your badass obsession, till one day you want to find a way to lower your rate... Maybe we'll have to find a way to help you out.

would fix something that required you to get on all four and then have someone walk by to feel your lovely chubby ass?

I don't even. Make that a readable question and I will answer it.

is there anything really hot you would love to try with a partner(s)?

I'm open to most things. I've always wanted to be used like a hole by a group of guys.

you're going through a park and you feel slimey tentacles going up your legs, the feeling of having your body covered in sticky slime, will you resist them?

Ooh. Of course I try to resist. I don't fuck around with strange viscous fluids. But what if I can't escape? What if the tentacles grab me and pull me in tight? What choice would I have but to let this creature have its way with me. ;)

I kinda want to see sini be a virgin to everything and yet know what to do, your brother forcing to be your first for every spot plowing you until you're exhausted but still craving for it.

Its refreshing to have someone want to play a dominant incest role over Sini. I'm always the older sister to a shota brother so I'm glad you want Sini to play a more inexperienced role.

so if you're knocked up will sini still want to do even with a child in the belly I'm sure you would feel amazing doung this?

Of course! You actually get hornier when pregnant a lot of the time. Sini will be craving it even when she's about to burst hehe.


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