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is not too much,you have to be flatter more than that

I will make sure to let everyone know to flatter me then!

Would you like to assfuck a femboy? Possibly your brother~?

I'm not that interested in dom roles, and I wouldn't really find assfucking a femboy to be all that exciting. Sorry lil' bro. =(

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Would you ever try hypnosis?

Honestly, it's such a cool concept, but I don't know if I'd ever really care to do it. However, in RP, I'd love to be hypnotized. Especially if you made me do something really degrading!

I´ll do anything for such a sexy woman like you

I'll have to keep that in mind and use that favor later ;)

Your little brother sneaks into your room while you are sleeping cozily, he begins to use your breasts as his own personal play things, you don't seem to wake up until he is brave enough to stick his cock between them, what do you do?

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I'd start giving him a big smile and saying "Finally!" Then I'd open my mouth for any bit that stuck out and swallow it up for him. Hopefully it'd end with me rubbing his hot seed into my tits.

There is nothing great about being fat. It's the same as being a drug user or somebody who refuses education.

Well, I manage to have a happy, healthy life with an intact family and plenty of friends and loved ones. Tell that to a drug user or a dropout. I think your parents were a little to hard on you when you ate those swiss cake rolls and now you can't take the site of someone comfortable in their own body. Too bad. I'd love to sit on your face with my big fat ass ;)

Ignore the trolls, you are great! What do you think of the "gainer/feeder" dynamic, does things like weightgain interest you, or are you happy where you are currently?

In RP, stuff me up, baby. IRL, it's not really a very health conscious lifestyle. However, it's still sexy to hear and read about. A small part of me wonders if I'd like it.
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I can't tell if you're being sarcastic. Fatness is a symptom of poor self control, pure and simple.

Fatness can stem from a lot of things. Mine stems from eating pussies like you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. <3

Why don't you realize that being fat is a negative personality trait?

Being fat is the most obvious personality trait. It's definitely all mental. Glad you get people's personalities by their physical appearances.

Are you interested in getting mounted and knotted by a feral canine? :D

Sign me up! ;) Knots are so hot. If humans had knots, I'd never leave my bedroom.

What is one thing you will never do again?

I once RP'd transforming a man into a toilet... then you know... using it. People say "fun while it lasted." It lasted a loooong time...

Aaand if those sweets are too irresistible... why don't you eat those, too~? =3

Mmm... I guess I'll have to eat them too... hey wait. Are you trying to fatten me up? ;)

What was the last thing you ate?

I ate a huge stack of pancakes with syrup for breakfast. Sweets are too irresistible.

What's it like being so sexy?

Well, it certainly is a burden. With great tits comes great responsibility.

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