Ask @Sintera:

yooo chill out calm down she aint worth it

All dis ova da way i type!??!??! Tf ok let me type proper for these bitches so they will understand the shiitt im throwing at their young ass bitchh stop stalking my fuckingg page and take your little asss to class

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that's what im sayin I just sent tino something she need to get her life and get df off social internet

We already kno she gone try tell him im fake ppl need to gt dey life im nt talkin to nobody today im off bye

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TINO WANT DAT PUSSY AND HE BE GETTIN DAT a sucka for tino don't lie you want da "D" *throws the D at you*

SHHHHHHH!!!!! No b tellin errrr body

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LMFAOO august is ugly drake ight and damn teddy bear got game and TINO NIGGAAAAAAAAAAA SHARE IN DIS BITCH lml

Dey nt ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tino knoooo he gone want some pu- nvm

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